How to migrate all your data from an Android phone to another easily

To not lose a single one of your files, these recommendations will help you migrate data from one Android phone to another very easily.

It’s amazing the speed with which new products are released. Just bought the latest model cell phone and now we find that the brand has announced the release of the next, the worst is that we have become totally consumerist people and we want everything.

Perhaps this is not your case and rather, you are changing the mobile because the previous is stolen, or simply it was time to change it. In either case it is advisable that you consider some recommendations for migrating data from Android to another .

This task became more complicated since the phone not only store the information of our contacts, but also images, videos, applications, text messages, special configurations and other things. But do not be discouraged, there are some tools that will make you enjoy your new phone Android in less time than you think.



To not lose a single one of your files you must first place an endorsement of all your information. This is achieved by making a backup that lets you migrate all your data from an Android phone to another in a simpler way. Here we leave three alternatives that you can do.

    • My Backup

This application is available from the Play Store for free and allows us to backup our data on our own team, however, to transfer to another device needs to acquire My Backup Pro . By purchasing the Pro version you can install the application in several different devices in this case, the old and the new Android phone. Both devices must be connected to the same network.When opening the application appears to us the option to create an account for backups in the cloud , this is useful in case of loss or theft, but not necessary.

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My Backup Pro allows you to choose what we want to migrate from data (contacts, call logs, bookmarks, SMS, system settings, alarms, dictionaries, calendars and music playlist) and multimedia applications (applications, photos, music and videos ).

    • Super Backup

This application allows a backup of our installed applications, SMS, contacts, call logs, calendars and bookmarks. My Backup Unlike the paid version of Super Backup only frees us from annoying ads. With this application we can schedule automatic backups that are stored in Google Drive or Gmail and can be downloaded to reset other devices and also ours.

    • Phone Transfer

Phone Transfer is a desktop program , available for Windows and Mac OSX, which allows you to migrate data from one phone to another. It also has several modes of transfer: from phone to phone (this is used to Android devices), restore iPhone, restore from backup and delete your old phone. Phone Transfer allows you to migrate contacts (name, number, email, address, company name, title, etc.), messages, call logs, music, video, images, applications, playlists, lyrics, photo album and more.

After installing the program both phones are connected through the USB port on the PC to Phone Transfer to detect the models and perform data transfer.

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Encrypt and return


Believe it or not, make restoring a computer to factory defaults does not ensure that our personal data is deleted completely. Usually what is done with this method is to tell the system that our data can be overwritten with new and although it is not a simple task, there may be people who achieve access old data from the mobile we are restoring.

To avoid such problems, Android has a feature that allows encrypt our data. Encryption is a process in which information is transformed to not allow other people to read it. To encrypt your data before a factory reset, go to the settings of your Android and tap the option Security to select Encryption . To do this it is advisable to have the battery fully charged or connected to power equipment because the process can take up to an hour and if the operation is interrupted can cause partial or total loss of data.You can encrypt accounts, settings, applications data, multimedia files and other file types.

Once encrypted over you can now restore your device to factory settings, for this go to Settings / Backup , select Factory data reset. After the restoration and can turn off the computer and remove the SD card to use in other equipment. On computers with Android Lollipop, restoring factory performs encryption of your data automatically.

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