Modifying Media upload folder using WordPress Plugin

Now modifying media upload folder name or URL is very simple in WordPress using plugins. Files will be uploaded to new folder automatically.

A while ago I mentioned in a last WordPress settings post that I will using changing Media upload folder to something else. In this article, I will explain how I will be modifying media upload folder to SEO benefits.

To modify media folder upload there is a plugin in WordPress named as WP Original Media path. I will be using this to change folder name and location of folder. To install the plugin follow below steps:

  1. Go to Plugins tab in WordPress admin dashboard
  2. Hit on Add new.
  3. Enter WP Original Media Path in plugin search field.
  4. Hit on Install now to download and install.
  5. Click on Activate Now link after installation.
  6. Now under Settings tab, look for WP Original Media Path.
  7. Change the Store uploads in this folder and Full URL path to files to desire folder name and location.
  8. Hit on Update button.
WP Media Upload Folder

WP Media Upload Folder

In my case, I changed folder name to files and updated full URL path as below screenshot.

BeingBlog Media Upload Folder

BeingBlog Media Upload Folder

You can also change folder name and location from “Media settings” under Settings tab. Also I already mentioned in WordPress setting after new installation article that I have disabled Month and Year upload folders as I want all my media files in one single folder.

Media Settings Folder Upload

Media Settings Folder Upload

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