The new updates on Sony PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 will receive software update to version 2.0 (Masamune) on 28 October, with support for themes, YouTube application, Share Play and more.

The console Sony PlayStation 4 prepares to host its biggest upgrade yet, since almost a year ago came to market. Version 2.0 of PS4 software, known as “Masamune” according to its makers, comes with new updates on next October 28 and will be full of novelties.

Finally PlayStation 4 will have some features that users have been waiting for long. The console will receive support for themes, to play music via USB, to change the color of the wallpaper ( that boring and eternal blue ended ) and much, much more, including also the anticipated support for YouTube either to watch videos or upload them directly to the platform from the console, something that until now was impossible, since it was only limited to Facebook.

Playstation updates

Overall, the improvements incorporated in this new update on the PlayStation 4 are:

  • It will be possible to listen to your own music while playing the console simply by inserting a USB stick full of music formats like MP3, MP4, M4A and 3gp.
  • It will be possible to change the background color of PlayStation 4
  • They include support for themes, from free to payments as well as they did on PS3 and PS Vita
  • The console will now notify you of people you can meet, related to your friends on PS network
  • Improved voice commands and enhanced live broadcasts from PS4
  • Support for YouTube
  • Share Play
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One of the most important features is the arrival of Masamune Share Play , the new feature will allow PS4 “move the joystick” virtually another player to play in an amount of limited time , a title that we are playing. That is, imagine that you are trapped in a very difficult part of The Last of Us and one of your friends offers help from home, you can play your game by Play Share (your not able to play at the time) and spend part of the same way you would if you had to hand on the couch. Not only that, this feature also serves to pull some cooperative games, as the successful indie Towerfall, for example.

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Masamune on PlayStation 4 will arrive in full on 28 October. Sony also announced that it will include improvements in the way the games on the home console is ordered , but that remains to be seen. Hopefully sooner than later incorporated the ability to use folders for games.



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