PayPal enters the world of mobile NFC payments with PayPal Here

PayPal definitely falls into the world of mobile payments with a new NFC device compatible with your system PayPal Here.

PayPal is one of the big players in the field of online transactions, but do not want to be there. They want to attack the world of mobile payments and therefore the company has submitted under the Mobile World Congress 2015 a new device centered in this sector and your system supports PayPal Here.

This new device uses NFC to interact with compatible smartphones , but also accepts the classic credit and debit cards that we all carry in our pockets, so it is undoubtedly a very versatile and attractive version.

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As we have said, makes use of PayPal Here system developed by the US company, which allows payments and transactions anywhere through a series of compatible devices: POS own PayPal or card readers that connect to our own smartphones.

With this step, PayPal is positioned more firmly in the world of mobile payments, one of the clear trends in the Mobile World Congress 2015 and obviously all this technological progress. Apple already has proven successful there is a huge market waiting for this solution; Samsung has been to work with your Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Pay and Google already has Android Pay almost ready to conquer the world of mobile payments. Everyone is working very hard in this sector, so the arrival of PayPal is certainly great news.

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This new reader supports PayPal Here will be available in the UK and Australia during the summer months later be coming the US. Has not disclosed the price or availability in other markets, although it will be something that we will know as the months go past.

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