People messing with statues in best possible way – Part 1

Few freaky people posted images that have posed with statues around the world and messed with them in best possible way. Quiet funny though.

I was scrolling in Facebook news feeds and I stumbled on this images on one post. These are pretty funny pictures by people messing with statues and making them weird.

This is just of Fun post, don’t take it otherwise, just enjoy the pictures. And don’t forget to caption the post in comment box.

1. Whats up there ?? Stars in sky in the afternoon ?

Man posing like statues looking in sky

Whats up ?? Stars in afternoon ?

2. Watch out Buddy and Smashed !!!

Unicycle riding joker statue

Watch out !!

3. What’s in there, are you hiding something in your pants ??

Statue looking into man pant

What’s in there, are you hiding something ??

4. You stole my chocolates !!

statue lifting the kid

You stole my chocolates !!

5. How long we are going to play cards ? I am dead man.

man playing cards with skellton statues

How long we are going to play cards ? I am dead man.

6. Who will pay your Bill ?

Ronald McDonald hitting a man

Who will pay your Bill ?

7. Your finger in my nose.

Statue puting finger in nose

Your finger in my nose.

8. Someone please call 911 !!!

Statue Lifting a Girl

Someone please call 911 !!!

More Part of pictures coming soon…

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