Play games in your Linux OS !

Soon the games catalog Steam for Linux will reach 1000 degrees. And yet there are those who say you can not play in Linux.Check out the games.

One of the things that scare users more,maybe not users probably the perfect word would be the gamers to use Linux on their PCs is the belief that Linux can not play anything but “Super Tux” and chess. Yes, it is true that the list of games available is a small fraction of what we could find for Windows, but it is not true that there are no major games . Since Steam came to Ubuntu and then been expanded to the entire universe of distributions,there are now dozens and dozens of possibilities for the Linux users.

It’s not just only Valve games, which is obviously very interested in promoting its own operating system based on Debian: Steam OS , but many popular games of major studios, triple-A titles, bestsellers, classics and plenty indie games. Currently the games catalog Steam for Linux has 862 games .Although I must admit that I recently played on Linux, the titles worked perfectly.Yes, I play a lot and I was pleasantly surprised every time I see a great game that I could enjoy in my Linux.

862 games sounds like a big number but most games in general are not very good, it’s not something surprise people as it’s a pretty saturated market and are only a few that stand out every year with a product of true quality. If you want good games for Linux you stay and read my recommendations.

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2

This is the game that inspired me to do this article and one of my favorite titles of all time. Borderlands 2 arrived a few days ago on Steam. This phenomenal game from Gearbox has stolen over 300 hours of my life on Xbox 360 and is one of the most fun things to play cooperatively with friends or strangers online. A FPS with RPG elements and adventure, with a completely ridiculous story full of black humor and hilarious jokes to pull the ceiling. This game has more easter eggs than GTA IV and that’s saying a lot. Gearbox said “Borderlands 2 for Linux, hardly happen” and look where it is now.

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Not only that, the next installment of the series The Pre-Sequel Borderlands is now available for pre-order on Steam and launches on October 17 that means today.So check the game out and I’m sure you guys would love it.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown


Published by 2K in 2012, this tactical RPG reached Linux in mid-2014. XCOM: Enemy Unknow is one of the most popular titles of its kind and has been praised by media specialists in video games. It has a Meta score of 89 points and if you usually watch streaming on Twitch or watch videos of gameplay on YouTube,then you know this is worth of playing.

The Witcher 2

The Witcher 2

The Witcher 3 is the game of this generation that will make you buy the console of this generation like the xbox one or the ps4. After playing The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings on Xbox 360 and ofcourse I loved the title, I can not wait for the huge open world that is preparing CD Project RED. The Witcher is the story of Geralt of Rivia, a blond witch, sexy and a professional monster slayer. In the game you’re involved in political conflicts, a war between human and monstrous creatures, while trying to regain your own memory and understand how you got where you are.

Combat in The Witcher 2 is the best I’ve played in this style of third-person RPGs. It’s almost as good as Dark Souls and it is quite difficult to learn to master. The game has two entirely different arcs in the story change depending on the decisions you make. It is a formidable game that just lacks a little on the limitations of the map, but it ensures easily 30 hours of gameplay and even twice if you want to replay to see what would’ve happened if you made different decisions.

Metro: Last Light


The sequel to Metro 2033, 4A Games of studies based on the novel of the same name is an FPS with elements of survival horror that takes us on a post-apocalyptic world in the ruins of Moscow to solve mysteries and kill monsters. Metro: Last Light is an excellent game.

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Civilization V

Civilization V

Sid Meier’s Civilization V is the fifth installment of this saga of strategy games. It has been acclaimed by all Reviewers and has a 90 score on Metacritic. In this game you have control of an entire civilization to over time, from prehistory to the future of science fiction. It’s like playing God. It was released in late 2010 and came to Linux in the middle of this year. If you like strategy games then surely it is not to be missed.

Valve’s catalog

The more games that are provided are of course the main promoter of the migration to Linux, Valve just released Steam of Counter Strike: GO and this one joins the long list of great games that already have been in the catalog. The Counter Strikes pioneers of FPS online. DOTA 2 one of the most popular MOBA today and is Free to Play . Portal is one of the most fun and original games of all time, ultra enhanced with the company of a friend in Portal 2 with the ability to create your own maps and transport you to the Portal Gun from the computer to the limits of your imagination only.

One of the most beloved sagas by gamers of all time: Half Life , Half Life 2 . The zombies kill everyone’s favorite: Left 4 Dead 2 and has amassed more money in exchange for items in the history like Steam: Team Fortress 2 .

There are many more games for Linux like The CaveGuacamelee!Fez and many more to enjoy.You can check out yourself and you can also recommend us some games for Linux that you liked.Feel free to share your thoughts.




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