PlayStation 4 has serious problems when upgrading to software version 2.0

PlayStation 4 new update is causing some serious problem which can be harmful to the console.

A week ago, Sony released the 2.0 update for the console PlayStation 4,bringing a host of new features, since ultimately the ability to use themes and music player via USB, to uploading videos to YouTube and function Play Share to virtually share games (and limited time) with your friends. It was a long awaited update by users, and also made ​​the interface faster and stable console.

But it also brought problems to the console ,serious problems.PlayStation 4 in report bugs consoles in specific situations worldwide; more often the case, leaving the console with “Suspend” or standby mode, which allows the PS4 download games and updates to system or games using the least amount of energy in standby mode.

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ps4 upgrade

Overall recommendation we make is simple:do not use the standby mode until Sony PS4 release a new update that fixes your problems. here are few users report that after using this feature will cost a lot to make the console start again, even have to disconnect it from the electrical outlet and then start it in recovery mode and rebuild the database to start normally, what is achieved by pressing the power button for several seconds and then running the “Rebuild Database” option, but be very careful if you plan to do this , given that from the recovery mode can also format the console completely.

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Another hit was the Alpha Evolve, the expected cooperative game from 2K Games. The testing phase has been postponed due to PlayStation 4 bugs from version 2.0 until further notice.

No doubt, Sony has a lot to resolve and we expect a faster solution for these serious problems affecting users upgrade.



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