Premiere Clip: Adobe video editor for iPhone and iPad

Adobe continues to strengthen its software for mobile devices with the arrival of Premiere Clip.An app to edit videos and pics easily from your smartphone.

The great company of video and photo editing software reaches the new mobile platform with their new Adobe Premiere Clip, a simple video editor for iPhone and iPad. Despite sharing the name with Premiere Pro, Premiere Clip application is much simpler: it is intended for all users , not just professionals.

For users of iMovie interface the capabilities of Adobe Premiere Clip will be familiar: the application allows you to cut planes, apply filters to the video, implement transitions and effects. It is a simple but sufficient by itself to combine several video clips into a very good production app. We should not ask more of a mobile phone or tablet and that’s what I meant with Adobe Premiere Clip.This is simply a perfect editing app for the mobile.

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Premiere Clip

The killer-features of Premiere Clip is that all progress you make in Premiere Clip synchronizes with the Premiere desktop suite , so all the progress you have made ​​on your phone will be conducted in your desktop app where you can make the job of more demanding editing or simply continue the work. If you use Adobe applications, you will see how this way of working is extended to other applications of the company with the launch of Creative Cloud , which will allow users to synchronize files across apps and devices.The Adobe customers is a great idea for users to increase their performance and productivity in editing.

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Adobe has released other smaller caliber apps with Premiere clip including Adobe or Adobe Shape Brush for creating vector drawings from photos. All apps are for iOS devices, but Adobe is also paying attention to Android with the imminent launch of Creative Cloud, which will allow access to all documents stored in the cloud. You can download Adobe Premiere Clip for iPhone and iPad from the App Store and start editing video away from your computer.

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