Purchase Google PlayStore Games or Apps for friends

Buy Paid Android Apps
Do your friend want to purchase playstore an app or game for Android and he doesn't have a credit card to purchase? Then you can buy and send on behalf.

Recently, my friend wanted to buy two apps for his Android phone. He has a bank account along with the debit and credit card. But when he tried to add the card details into Google Payment (Google Wallet), the card was not being accepted. I don’t know the reason why his card was accepted by Google Wallet, but it was denied to add in payment methods. Hence, he requested me to purchase apps using my credit card on his Google Account.

He lives at a distant and sending credit card details via text messages or online messenger is very risky. Hence, I called him up and asked for his Google account credentials. I received his credentials and logged into his account using my laptop.

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Next, I have added my credit details into his Google Wallet or Payments. I have recently published an article regarding Google Wallet payment for the online transaction. You can follow this guide to add credit or debit card into Google for payment on Apps and Games.

After adding payment method into friend’s Google Wallet. I accessed the Google Play Store and visited the App page which he wanted to purchase. He added the apps into wishlist which became easier for me to get the exact apps he needs.

Follow these steps to Purchase Playstore app and Install on friends smartphone:

  1. Login to Google Account and Add payment method.
  2. Go to Google Play Store and search App to purchase.

    Buy Paid Android App

    Purchase Paid Android App

  3. Hit on Buy button and select the device on which app to be installed.

    Select Device Paid App

    Select device Paid App

  4. Check the Payment detail and hit on Buy button.
  5. As your friend to stay connected with network data for automatic download and installation.
  6. After the download is completed, remove the payment method from Google Wallet.

    Google Wallet Payment Method

    Google Wallet Payment Method

  7. Log out of the Google Account and clear cache memory (Ctrl+ F5).

Note and Conclusion:

  • Make sure that your friends smartphone is connected to the internet as installation will be started automatically after purchase.
  • Apps once purchase will be available in your account and can be installed in any other device you owned or even your family members.
  • Make sure you remove payment method after completion of the transaction to avoid any further charges.

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