Q4OS : A distro of Linux to clone the look of Windows XP

Q4OS is not only a Linux distribution that looks like Windows XP also it is an operating system for fast and efficient desktop.

Windows XP is the most loved versions of Microsoft Windows,despite all the problems that are attributed to this operating system. When it first appeared in 2001, offered a graphical user interface (called Moon ) like never been seen before, then incorporating visuals and bright colors that highlight notoriously as did their predecessors.

Although Microsoft announced that as of April 8, 2014 would stop supporting Windows XP , this did not prevent as in 2013 four out of ten computers still continue running this operating system .

For users who prefer Linux but who still remember fondly the screen of green hills and blue sky we bring you the solution.

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Q4OS desktop

Q4OS is a Linux distribution that cloned the appearance of Windows XP and although many other distros have wanted to match the XP user interface, Q4OS is one that has succeeded. It offers fast and efficient desktop to provide long-term stability. It is based on the most stable,secure and reliable distribution of Debian, so it makes it a strong system and endorsed by many users worldwide.The desktop environment that Q4OS uses is derived from an old version 3.x KDE, which they called Trinity DE . Its most important feature is the integration of KDE4 desktop . It consists of two issues plasma, crystal svg icons and a simple script to a single command ( KDE4-install ) to execute the complete configuration of KDE4, to choose, for example, the type of login and customize Q4OS according to user preferences.

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The latest release (0.5.21) version barely focuses on managing passwords and fixes some bugs associated with the command sudo and graphics applications that require privileges root . The approximate size of the ISO image to download this distribution is only 309 Mb for architecture 64-bit and 32-bit 331 Mb.You can download Q4OS from its official site and even request support for your business.

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