Reduce fatty weight without any exercise just by good diet

Reduce body fats without exercise
Health advise will guide you to reduce body weight and stomach fats without doing any exercise by just following a good regular diet daily

Health advise will guide you on how reduce body weight and stomach fats without doing any exercise by just following a good food diet daily.

Hi, I am lazy guy and gaining up little fat daily, one of my friend today saw my tummy appearing out of my shirt. She teases me daily and today she gave me some tips to reduce weight with in two weeks that I am going to share with you.

Very first she said me her story how she gained so much of fats on her cheek and tummy i.e eating lot of chocolates, sweets, pastry, bread and lot of chicken. Yes she is chicken lover, she eats chicken daily.

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Okay, Then she explained me how she had gained her old look back by loosing all over weight with in two weeks of strict diet. This is what I summarized on what she told to me do.

She explained me diet one day based, from morning breakfast to night dinner. Here goes her summary:

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#1. Morning Breakfast (0730 – 0930 hours):

In morning, you need more energy to complete basic needs satisfactorily. For that, your diet in morning should be health and with lots of proteins and carbohydrates.

Eat and Drink: Cereal, Pulses, sprouted beans, dry fruits, egg(without yolk) are best in morning to give you good energy.

#2. Noon Lunch (1230 – 1330 hours):

In Noon time, lunch should be slightly lighter or similar to morning breakfast. As eating more food in noon tends to become lazy and sleepy at work or home. So it is better to avoid very heavy in noon.

Eat and Drink: Brown Bread, Corn Flakes, Fruit salad, Vegetables, etc. is consider to be good option.

#3. Evening Breakfast (1630-1730 hours):

Evening breakfast should have very light food or even a cup of low fat milk will work out with few digestive biscuits aside.

#4. Night Dinner (1930 – 2130 hours):

At night, do not have heavy diet before sleep, as your body is not in movement at night, so amount of energy needed is very less. And also rate of digestion is low as compared in day timing. So it is better to have very light food at night time.

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Eat and drink: Fruits, Fruit salad, Juice(it is best option), green vegetables are best that will digest and provide energy for sleep.

Best Tips to avoid Fats:

  1. Avoid Oily and Greasy Food
  2. Avoid Junk Food
  3. Avoid Street Food
  4. Avoid Non-Veg with lot of fats
  5. Avoid Sweets
  6. Avoid Chocolates
  7. Avoid Ice Cream
  8. Avoid Mc. Donald’s and KFC
  9. Avoid Fried Food, prefer baked
  10. Avoid Eating heavy quantity at one time, instead prefer to have small small quantity at definite intervals.

Note and Conclusion:

Do continue this diet for two weeks and see the changes with your own eyes. Also avoid stuff food which will make you fat. It is always better to carry home food to work instead of eating outside junk food.

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