privately share files from one browser to another

Thanks to we are able to share files from one browser to another in a simple and private way using the WebRTC and P2P technologies.

It seems that lately there is strong pasting in the WebRTC technology . For those who do not know, WebRTC is a free and open project with the objective of providing Internet browsers the real-time communications (RTC: Real Time Communications). The good thing about this technology is that it allows the development of RTC applications in browsers with rich, high-quality, relying on simple JavaScript and HTML5 APIs.

Soon we will see how they develop increasingly interesting web apps using this technology but at the moment take a look at Mozilla as they are developing an integrated chat in the Internet browser of Firefox for future versions. But that’s not the only significant project in terms of technology, as has been launched to develop a web app that will be loved by the most concerned people about privacy .

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What is interface

Share files privately was never easy and as much as say a third party service respecting your privacy at the end of the day it’s hard to know what happens behind the curtains. With that in mind, uses the WebRTC technology for P2P file sharing between two web browsers .

The idea is simple, the files do not pass through an external server, require only two browsers that are open.It is true that we could achieve the same result by creating a torrent file but use is much less laborious. On their home page, all you have to do is click on the red button with text Add or drop files ... and we can add the files we want to share privately and not get into a server, the transmission is direct from one browser to another. I tried with Firefox and I have not had any problems.

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When adding files, we see that a link is created and we have a red padlock symbol that says No Password , which if you click will give us the option to protect it with a password . As for the link, say that’s all I need other people to download the file. When you enter the link, it will write the password if required and you will click the button Download. In short, makes sharing files more secure and at least I added it to my favorites.

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