Easily remove bbPress forum profile URL link

Remove bbPress Profile link
Remove bbPress forum superuser, moderator or author hyperlink to profile page by adding few line of code in function.php file of WP theme

We at MatruDEV use WordPress for publishing great articles on our networked site. Recently we thought of integrating forum software to DigitSpeak Support forum our reader to ask question or seek help from us. Hence, we are using bbPress forum software which is integrated and uses WordPress backbone.

bbPress is online forum software developed by WordPress developers to give a forum integration in existing WordPress installation. You can get bbPress from WordPress plugin database for free of cost.

As our website do not allow sign ups for security reasons, bbPress creates additional user profile links from forum sections. To disable the author hyperlink from bbPress forum, you have to add few line of code in function.php file of active your theme.

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Note and Conclusion:

Be careful while editing theme function file, as any wrong code or mistake may bring website down. On safer side, keep a local copy of file before editing so as to restore if anything goes wrong.

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Once you have added this code in theme function file (function.php), author profile hyperlink from bbPress forum get disabled and be plain text.

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