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Google takes around a month or two for removing the broken links and pages form search result. Instead you can remove for better SERP.

Google Search results are always based on the different algorithms they release twice or thrice in month. And we use XML sitemap to submit new pages in webmaster tool to get index. Once crawled and index by Googlebot is save in server cache and shown on Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Most of the time I do check my own site in Google search to see my new links are getting indexed or not. While doing so, I came across many outdated links or URLs which I had deleted in past.

Tip: To see your site in Google SERP, just enter following in Google Search — site:www.yourwebsiteurl .com

When deleted links appears in SERP, our blog readers to go on that links or URLs that get 404 error and ruin my web traffic. So as to avoid that, simply remove those link form Google SERP. I searched for “how to remove broken links in google search” and came across many search result. Some were outdated post, I collect the information and solved my problem own. Now my search result have no broken URLs as I omitted most of them from SERP by using Web URL removal tool in Google Webmasters Tools.

How to use Web URL removal tool?

There are pretty simple and straight forward steps to follow in removal process.

Note: You can only remove your own website link, not others. In-case of copied content, report a DMCA complaints against them.

Create new Removal request

Create new Removal request

Step #1: Create a new removal request

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After click on the Web URL removal tool link given above, it will open up a page in new tab. There is the option for “Create a new removal request”. It will toggle the URL enter blank space as shown in second preview image.

Create removal request URL

Create removal request URL

On adding the URL, click on the “Continue” button to process. Webmaster will analyze the page URL submitted and check for it cached version and also check whether the page is LIVE or not.

Step #2: Remove cache version of page

After analyzing, if you really want to remove the cached version form Google database. It will provide you option to “Remove cached version of this page”. when you click on this it will delete the cached page form Google’s database and it will be removed form Google SERP.

Remove cached version

Remove cached version

You also have option to remove any of the particular keyword in the cached page. To find the keyword in cached page, use CRTL+F or COMMAND+F to find the keyword. Add that keyword in blank space and click on remove cached version of this page.

Step#3: Reason for removal of URL

When you have added URL to removal tool, it will ask you reason for removal of URL. You have to specify the reason, whether you have to remove some keywords or complete page.

Reason for removal of Google Indexed page

Reason for removal of Google Indexed page

And click on “Removal cached version of this page” then you will be redirect to another page.

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Step #4: Remove this Page or URL

If you want to completely remove the URL or page link form search result. Use the toggle and select “Page has been removed or blocked from search engines“. Click on ” Remove this page” button.

After clicking on “Remove this page“, it will be send request to Webmaster to remove URL.

Remove page or URL

Remove page or URL

Step #5: Show all removal request

If you have previously added to remove URLs in list, then you can view all the removed URL. This can be viewed by “Show:” and it has options like Pending, Denied, Removed, Made by others, All.

Show pending removal request in Webmaster Tools

Show pending removal request in Webmaster Tools

After selecting the option, it will show the list of selected options.

Step #6: Re-include the deleted URL

If you found that, you have mistakenly added an URL to remove. Then you have option to “Reinclude” that deleted URL into search result page. There is the list of removed URL from that you can select any link to re-include in SERP.

Reinclude deleted URL

Reinclude deleted URL

Note and Conclusion:

Hope you got to know on How to remove outdated or dead URLs in Google Search Result using URL removal tool. But be careful while removing the URLs and using this tool.

Google has suggested not to use removal request tool unless it is necessary or your site was hacked and posted with some irrelevant content. Refer Google Webmaster Tools Guide for more information and tutorial for Webmaster Tools.

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