Rich Snippet tool say “Error: missing required field”

Error Missing required field
Fixing Google Rich Snippet Tool structured data Error: missing required field for better search result in SERP and improve page SEO.

When I tested my site with Google Rich Snippet also called as Structured Data testing tool I got following missing required field marked in red color. After my some research and help, I found solution for this errors.

Error: At least one field must be set for HatomEntry.
Error: Missing required field “entry-title”.
Error: Missing required field “updated”.
Error: Missing required hCard “author”.

As my website in uses WordPress CMS for writing and maintaining scraps. Following tutorial will be based on same. And there is not much difference even if you use custom HTML pages. Just you need to update some lines to make it Google readable format.

And YES, missing required fields have impact on Google SERP and SEO of site.

Error Missing required field

Error Missing required field

We will be work on one by one error and try to eliminate all at the end.

#1. Error: Missing required field “entry-title”

This error because of Title of post or page. Google Structured data tool is not able to find title of page or post. So to make this Google readable add following small code in <h1> header post title located in single.php, page.php and other post page file of WordPress theme files.

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There might be some <h1> along with the_title() in index.php or loop.php, check for the same and add “enter-title” as class. In-case if you have any other class, then add “entry-title” along with it giving a single space.

This will work and missing “entry-title” will be solved.

#2. Error: Missing required field “updated”

This error is because of missing date or last updated field for Google structured data. Same procedure as mention above that to replace class code or add class code for the_time or the_date in single.php and other date retrieving files.

If there is any other class code for the_time or the_date, add <span> tag.

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For example if you have

then add above mention code without modifying existing or appending any code with space. Simply add another <span> tag as show below and this issue will be resolved

#3. Error: Missing required hCard “author”

In similar fashion, change the author line of code in all theme file and it should reflect as shown below.

And hence, your error for missing required hCard “author” will also get solved.

Note and Conclusion:

If you have any more error, let us know by commenting below. We will try to solve missing error and share the solution.

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