Samsung Galaxy S4 reviews – Most Feature Rich super phone

samsung galaxy s4
Samsung Galaxy S4 complete features, user reviews and pricing for all users. It is loud, clear video with all format support and super phone

Even if the Samsung Galaxy S4 is made of plastic, it feels premium in hand. The Speaker of phone is loud enough to hear. The stock video player is simple but it supports all free formats including the Matroska i.e. MKV format which is the latest among all open standard free formats.


  • World’s fastest & only 8 core processor phone.
  • 4.2 Jelly Bean.
  • Innovative & feature rich.
  • Can work as a TV/DVR remote
  • Fantastic Camera
  • It supports both GPS(By USA) & GLONASS (By Russia)
  • Simultaneous video recording with both front & rear cameras.
  • Outstanding bench mark scores: Better than any other smartphone in the world.
  • Battery (2600mAH): Even 3 cell battery of laptop is around 2400mAH.


  • Display Brightness: Yes, display is Super AMOLED with 441ppi but not bright as compared to HTC one/S2/S3(even S2 has Super AMOLED ‘Plus’ display).
  • Samsung doesn’t have any plans to launch 32GB/64GB variants in India.
  • No FM Radio.
  • No Wireless Charging as of now (since Samsung is planning to launch another variant of S4 with wireless charging in late July 2013).
  • Plastic body.
  • Too Many features will confuse few users.

10 New Features of S4:

#1 Smart Pause/Smart Scroll:

In addition to S3’s Smart Stay feature, S4 also senses when you look at the screen or away from it, automatically scrolls up and down websites and e-mails and pauses & resumes videos.

#2 Air View/Air Gesture:

With Air gestures you can simply move your hand to accept or reject calls, change music tracks, browse the web and your photo galleries without actually touching the phone. Air view, on the other hand lets you preview emails, photos and other content by hovering your finger over the screen.

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#3 Group Play:

You can transfer and instantly view or play documents, music files, photos, and other content to other Galaxy S4 handsets. It even supports multi-player games.

#4 S-Voice Drive:

S4 has new interface to its S-Voice voice assistant to offer functionality when you’re driving.

#5 S-Health:

You can track your workouts, daily intake and weight, and monitor your blood pressure, and blood glucose levels with the app.

#6 Temperature and Humidity sensors:

The Galaxy S4 also features temperature and humidity sensors to know the current status of your surroundings.

#7 Dual camera features:

The phone allows you to simultaneously shoot with its 13-megapixel rear and 2-megapixel front cameras. So you can place yourself in a group photo while shooting it or give a peek of your surroundings while being on a video call.

#8 Sound & Shot feature:

You can capture up to 9 seconds of audio while capturing a picture to make it more interesting.

#9 Drama shot:

You can combine all stages of action that takes place in burst mode into one photo with this feature. So if you’re taking a photo of someone running, you can combine many pictures to depict the act of running in one picture.

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#10 S-Translate:

The phone translates voice and text on the fly through this tool. It is integrated with the e-mail and messaging app, in addition to being present through a standalone app.

Other Notable Features:

# Turn Over To Mute:

If someone is calling you and you don’t wish that the phone should ring then just turn over your device, ringer bell of your phone will be automatically muted.

# Tilt To Enlarge Picture:

While browsing images. If you want to zoom in without using double tap & pinch to zoom action then just touch tap & hold at any two points of image and then tilt the device back and forth to enlarge or reduce image size.

# Screenshot Capture:

Press and hold the Home button and press the Power button. Do not press and hold Home button for long time or else you will get task manager option.

# Pop-Up Play:

Use Mobo-player/stock video player to play video and press Home button and there you go for Pop-Up play.

# Scroll All Home screens In One Swipe:

The numbered dots (each belonging to home screens) serve as a scroll bar too. Press and hold on the dots lets you scroll sideways in one go rather than swiping multiple times to go to the required home screen.

# SAR Value:

0.54 W/Kg.(Better than all other non-Samsung phones)  – (Specific Absorption Rate max should be 1.6W/Kg. by FCC)

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