How to Save Battery on Your iPhone

Our Tutorial is going to teach you How to Save Battery on Your iPhone.

If you are facing battery issues on your iPhone then follow the tips to get your battery last longer. We are going to show you some handy tips that you can apply on your iPhone and you will clearly see the diffrence.

Disable Location Services

Although, now the location of our devices is determined by WiFi networks and mobile antennas, not only through the GPS, it is undeniable that battery is an expense that often is not necessary. Access the Settings> Privacy> Location and disable the Location services.

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Disable Automatic Brightness

Sets a suitable brightness for you, preferably the lowest brightness settings. You can turn off the automatic brightness through Settings> Wallpapers & Brightness> Auto-Brightness turn it off.


Customize Notification Settings

Turn off the notifications for the applications that you don't want to get disturbed by. Go to Settings> Notifications Center and disables those that you do not want to be disturbed.



Customize Updates in Background

Now in iOS7 allow certain applications to run in background, updating its content, which is a resource consumption of high battery. Do you really need all installed applications are updated in the background? I do not think so. Go to Settings> General> Background app refresh, leaving active only those that you really useful.

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