SEANux: The Linux distro by Syrian Electronic Army

SEANux is a Linux OS but still a rumor,we need to sit tight and wait for more news linking it.

Politics and activism moving at an incredible speed in these days of hyper and there are news every second.One of the most active groups is the Syrian Electronic Army , which in the past three years attacked multiple news agencies to which it has been accused of distorting information. And now, they decided to announce SEANux its own Linux distro .

Reuters, Associated Press, The Washington Post, CNN, The New York Times, Huffington Post, Twitter … to the recruitment page of the US Marines and the Twitter account of Barcelona received the attention of the Syrian Electronic Army . The vast majority of governments and news networks have identified the Army as a group aligned to the government of Bashar al-Assad, which would receive financial and technical support. Beyond its real intentions, Syrian Electronic Army surprised everyone in their Twitter account to announce the imminent release of a Linux based distro called SEANux .

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And the news end there. No technical data of any kind, or images. In fact, all that has been seen SEANux so far is a dedicated logo. Not the first time that a group of hackers exploring the possibility of launching a Linux distro. Early in 2012 there appeared a certain “Anonymous OS” , which was quickly declared a fake by group members, not to mention it was full of trojans. And that’s exactly the question that generates with SEANux . The Army has said the distro code is available for anyone wishing to audit it and probably someone will take the trouble, but even if it were safe, what will different to offer?

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Personally, I’m not surprised to see Linux become a political expression. Cuba is in Nova operating system , a derivative of Ubuntu. The Chinese Red Flag Linux disappeared after being developed by thirteen and North Korea distributes Red Star OS that was leaked last February.Perhaps its creators wishing to apply to SEANux as the Syrian Linux. Or it may be a diversion to make something bigger. One way or another, the only option is to wait until it’s published an ISO image.

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