See the performance of the battery of your Android Wear

See the performance of the battery of your Android Wear with the app Wear Battery Stats.

The arrival of Android Wear has led the final push for smartwatches , these devices are already becoming part of our lives and allow us to have multiple functions on our wrist.Google knows that this is the future and therefore fully committed to this operating system for smart watches. It is a concept that lacks even evolution, but nevertheless offers a good user experience .

One of the workhorses of smartwatches , as in the case of the phone is the battery. Duration ranges usually about a day, so we are doomed to use the charger at the end of the day and go to tricks to save battery.It would be interesting to see what processes or applications are consuming the battery on our Android Wear, so today we bring you a solution so that you can get to do this.

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Monitoring the battery on Android Wear

Wear Battery Stats

The application that we bring you today is Wear Battery Stats . Its objective is to monitor the battery of our Android Wear , in order to see what processes are consuming the battery at all times. Something useful that will help us know if an application is hurting the autonomy.

This application can display the stats of both our phone and our clock. The interface shows a graph of battery consumption, something similar to what we have in Android smartphones. We will see the evolution of the battery throughout different times of day.

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Directly below we have a bar that indicates when it has been display on, off or dimmed , to see how this section affects the battery consumption. We may also see the specific application activity, which it will show at the bottom.

Also, if the tool detects an excessive battery consumption, shows the recent updates or installations of the applications, in order to determine whether one of them is guilty of both consumption.This app can be very useful for the battery consumption of our Android wear.

Google Play : Wear Battery Stats

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