Access Gmail email in Android smartphone using apps

Gmail Android
Setup Google Mail - Gmail account using apps in your Android smartphone to send and receive important emails with notification pop-up.

Now-a-days, emails are very important part of work life. Most of official work are paperless and needs continuous internet connection to send or receive important files. Emails are used for immediate and important communication. So it is always necessary to stay connected with our email account.

There are few free best email service providers like, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and Yahoo Mail. We recommended to use Gmail which is a Google Mail service.

In past, we have written an article on How to create Gmail account and access Gmail from desktop client.

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Accessing Gmail’s email in Android phone using Android apps is very simple. There is no such hard or Gmail server setup needed for access. Just install official app of Gmail and login with your credentials.

Step to install Gmail in Android:

  1. Download and Install Gmail app in Android.
  2. Open Gmail app.
  3. Login with username and password.
  4. Verify credentials and finish the setup.
  5. Start using Gmail app.
Gmail Android Inbox

Gmail Android Inbox

We will be updating more guides on Gmail App.

Alternatively, you can use CloudMagic Android app for accessing emails.

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Note and Conclusion:

Now you are able to access Gmail’s email in Android smartphone. If you need any help then respond in below comment, we would be happy to help you.

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