How to setup General Settings page in WordPress CMS ?

WordPress General Settings
A Guide to setup WordPress CMS General Settings page for your new installation. Make sure that you do it carefully and permanant.

After installing WordPress CMS on your favorite web host, next setup is setting up General Settings based on your requirement. General Setting includes site name, description, WordPress URL, Site URL, Email Address and other general setup.

Make sure that you have setup the General Settings first before changing any other setting, as this are basic have direct impact on your site title, description and SEO.

Lets Discussion each of settings one by one in this article in detail:

Site Title: Whatever Site Main title you need should be added in this field.

Tagline: Tagline is short description on site. It is always associated with Site Title. It also has impact on SEO title of home page.

WordPress Address (URL): WordPress Address URL is the folder where the WordPress is installed. It is generally the home folder of installation represented by site domain name. It is URL where WordPress Admin is access. It can be different from Site Address.

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Site Address (URL): Site Address is the URL where visitors can access your site. It can be either naked domain name or www domain name. For our installation, Site Address and WordPress Address is same.

E-mail Address: E-mail that will be used for getting important notification emails about WordPress.

Membership: If your planning for Multi Author blog and wanted users to register new account on your blog then you can select this check box. If you are new to WordPress, then I would suggest to keep this checkbox un-tick.

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New User Default Role: If you have enabled the Membership then whatever you have selected here (Subscriber, Contributor, Author, Administrator) will be new users role.

Time Zone, Date and Time Format: Select Time Zone of your location and also desired Date and Time format.

Week Start Date: Select week start date based on your own wish. It can be any day of week, I have selected Monday as my Start Date, Windows has Sunday as week start date.

Note and Conclusion:

Complete the General Settings as per your requirement and save the changes. It is always recommended not to change these settings once your website has became older and got indexed by Search Engines.

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