Shareholder Agreement Quebec

A shareholders` pact (also known as a “shareholders` pact”) is an agreement between all shareholders of a company. The agreement will establish certain rules relating to the company`s business as well as detailed rules defining how certain issues affecting the company`s shareholders will be dealt with. This kit is intended for a company of 2 to 5 shareholders who are not legal entities (companies) who want to have the same rights and obligations as each other. For a more specific agreement, please contact us for an offer. No, shareholder agreements are reserved for companies. If your business is formed in partnership and you are more than a partner, you should sign a partnership agreement. For more information on partnership agreements, please visit our Partnership Agreement page or contact us on the form below. A pellet gun clause is used as a form of dispute resolution. It allows a shareholder to offer the acquisition of the shares of another shareholder at a certain price. The shareholder has the option of accepting the offer or buying the shares of the shareholder offering the offer at the same price. Based on the contributions of each shareholder, shareholders determine the share of the share of the share in the company. Are the shares shared 50/50 or 25/75? In essence, it sets the rules that govern the relationship between shareholders and the company and with each other. Piggy-back rights (also known as “tag rights along”) protect minority shareholders in the event of a third-party purchase.

In this case, the minority shareholder may force other majority shareholders who wish to sell their shares to third parties to sell minority shareholders at the same price and on similar terms. Shareholders must determine how the company`s profit, losses and expenses are distributed and who is paid first. If shareholders expect dividends or a payment, the agreement must indicate this. Our shareholders` pact ensures that your shareholders are properly governed in all areas – and the best is even suited to your specific business.