Good sleep at night time keeps you healthy and active all day

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Health advise will explains what are the problems due to lack of sleep and how to get good deep sound sleep to be healthy and active all day

These are few health advises which will teach and explain you what are the problems on lack of good sleep and how to get good deep sound sleep and be healthy.

Before, when I was in doing my Engineering, I was suffering from insomnia. I was not able to sleep all night and used to wake up until morning 6AM or sometimes may be even till 10AM.

I use to hate myself for many days for these insomnia, it was like some disease for me. When whole hostilities were in sleep, I use to walk around carving for sleep. Health got worst day by day, I got dark circles under my eyes, it was pathetic.

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Health issues due to lack of sleep:

  1. I was becoming thinner and thinner day by day
  2. Started loosing my body weight, shape and muscles
  3. Feeling of weakness all the day and night, no energy to do any work
  4. Eye ball went inside face and forehead
  5. Big Dark circles under eyes
  6. Headache most of the time
  7. I was looking scary most of time.

With all these problems, I was just freaked out most of the time. So one day I decided not to wake up late night till morning instead I will sleep as early as possible.

How to get Good Sound Sleep:

  1. Having lot of heavy food at dinner
  2. Do NOT sleeping in after noon hours
  3. Playing some game in evening that will make feel tired and sleepy
  4. Plug in headphone and listen to soft sooty music.
  5. Through out phone away from you (main reason of insomnia these days)

Note and Conclusion:

I have done all these things and finally I succeeded in getting good sound sleep. Ultimately it reduced and eliminated all above problems and disease due to lack of sleep.

Hope this will solve your problem too, If you got any question or query kindly mention in comment below.

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