Software Removal Tool : The new malware tool from Google Chrome

Google launches the software removal tool to remove malicious software from your installation of Chrome on Windows.

The malware is a plague that affects us all at some time in life, it’s like the flu, it will eventually get into your system inspite of being so careful. One of the pieces of software that are most vulnerable to these infections are web browsers, which are usually most used to access the network and through which information is sent and received. The malware seems to be harmless but it can be incredibly dangerous, even endangering our whole person information.

Google knows this very well and therefore have decided to launch its own tool to remove malicious software from chrome . All you need to do is go to this address: . and download the tool named Software removal tool which is still in beta development and is only available for Windows . A tool to remove more threats from the worlds most used and acceptable operating system and browser.

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Full Reset Chrome

Software Removal Tool

Although the tool does not get anything on your system, the end will offer the possibility to restart Google Chrome to its original state , this can be useful if you are having problems with Chrome and in the end was no malware software removal tool that could detect. This will delete all your preferences like the extensions, applications, etc. and will leave the browser as new, which can be helpful in many cases. Also if you have enabled sync with your Google account you will not lose anything really.

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This utility is a good news for users as it offers ultra fast and simple way to solve problems in one click with your browser. If you had an annoying toolbar, your search engine changes or appearance of suspicious offers pop-up every 3 seconds, you can say goodbye to running it on your PC with this tool.


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