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Is your internet connection slow to load Gmail faster? Why don't you switch to basic HTML view to load your email box quickly with slow ISP.

Is your internet connection slow to load Gmail faster? Are you using Standard Gmail layout which requires fast internet connection? Then you should try switching to HTML Basic view for fast loading of Gmail inbox.

Gmail comes with two web layouts, one Standard web layout for better mailing performance and good look and other Basic HTML layout which will be fast enough to load even in slow internet connection. If you have strong connection and good internet speed, then I would suggest to continue using Standard version. For slow ISP connection, you may switch to HTML basic.

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How to switch to Basic HTML in Gmail?

Gmail Load Basic HTML

Gmail Load Basic HTML

For loading Gmail faster in slow ISP, you have to start loading your Gmail web in Basic HTML by clicking on the link available at bottom right corner of the screen.

On-click, your standard view of Gmail will be changed to Basic HTML view which would be faster than standard view.

You will be also having a option at the top of Gmail to set Basic HTML mode as default view for future logins. (screenshot below)

Basic HTML Switch Standard View

Basic HTML Switch Standard View

How to switch back to Standard view Gmail?

In-case, you wanted to switch back to standard view in future, then you can simply click on link which says “Switch to standard view” on top of the screen. (above screenshot)

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And if you have set basic HTML as default view, then you will find a link as Standard View in right top to switch back. (screenshot below).

Gmail Standard View

Gmail Standard View

Note and Conclusion:

You may load Gmail faster in basic HTML view but most of rich features of Gmail are only available in standard view.

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  1. uma says:

    my gmail account which is in standard view is getting stuck up every time and it is taking long time to open the mail. suppose if i connect to Html it is coming faster but i cannot able to chat with my gtalk friends. please help me in resolving this issue.

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