This Agreement Shall Remain In Force Until

“Leading rights” are all elements of the text, Images, photographs, drawings, logos, multimedia, audiovisual media, “Look and Feel” of the website or other works of art, documentation, river diagrams, drawings, specifications, manuals and other data, codes, know-how, copyright, trademark rights or other intellectual property rights created or written for the client under the agreement , and software materials, information or other materials used by a party in the context of this agreement, are developed, developed or made available (including reports, preparatory work, projects, working papers, correspondence and advice); 7.3 None of the parties is liable to the others (contractual acts, (including negligence), breach of legal obligations or otherwise arising from or in connection with this Agreement of Loss of Profits, Production, Data, Business or Business or Business, Expected Savings or Benefits, or for any type of indirect, accidental, peculiar or consequential loss, even if that loss or injury was reasonably foreseeable or if that party was aware of the possibility of that loss or damage. the creation of a Working Group 7.4 If the performance of their obligations under this Agreement is prevented or delayed by an act or omission by the Client, its representatives, subcontractors or employees by the performance of its obligations by the Company, the Company is not responsible for the costs, costs or losses incurred directly or indirectly by the Client in the event of any impediment or delay. 5.8 The company has the right to increase fees each year and must notify the customer of any changes in writing. In the event that any provision of the terms and conditions or these Terms and Conditions or any provision of a timetable or schedule of such provisions should be invalidated, illegal or unenforceable, such a clause, condition or provision will be dissociated from other terms and conditions of sale which remain valid to the extent permitted by law. 2.1 This agreement enters into force from the date of training and applies until the conclusion of the services, unless it is terminated earlier in accordance with Point 11 above. “contracting party,” one of the individual contracting parties; (i) not be made public by a violation of this clause 10; or 4.2 After the final delivery and for a period of months after the final delivery, the customer must join and maintain a credit to the developer on the home page of the site. The developer credit is designed by the developer and placed on the home page, but it must be in the form and content reasonably acceptable to the customer. The credit must also contain a hyperlink to the developer`s website. 3.1 The company accepts the performance of the services and strives to deliver the services in a timely manner.

“Technical specifications appendix,” the document attached to the special terms and conditions, which contains the design of the site and the related analysis of the features agreed by the parties; 4.1 The customer provides all facilities, services, access, complete and accurate information and assistance to enable the company to provide the services. 4.1 After final delivery, the developer is allowed to list the customer and the work performed on the developer`s website and on all marketing and promotional materials as developed by the developer.