Top 10 Android Apps and Games of This Month

Top 10 Android Apps and Games of this month.

There are billions of apps that are on the Google Play Store and everyone loves to try new applications, so we have compiled some best applications for the month of August. Check them out!

1. Today Calendar

The first app with Android L’s Material Design is Today Calendar, one of the best calendar applications in Play Store. The Today Calendar is payable but you can use a 14 days trial for free. The looks are very sleek, clean and organized, and have very useful application for you to put widgets on the home screen.

Today Calendar

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2. Google Chrome Beta

Google Chrome Beta is another important app that started to gain a bit of Material Design. Not everything is with the visual elements of the new language, but you can already take a cone. Remember that this is a beta version of Chrome, experimental resources, so there may be bugs and instability.


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3. Notific

The Android L will come with a completely modernized reporting system, but until it arrives you can have an idea with the notific. This is an app that manages your notifications in a more intelligent way, and has a visual taste of Android L’s Material Design. Through the proximity sensor, it does not light up the screen to display notifications if your phone is in your pocket, which helps to conserve battery power. Moreover, the memory consumption is very low, which also helps the battery to get through the day. The app is new but already has over 360 reviews with an average 4.2 out of 5, ie, 84% approval. It costs $ 0.99, and its worth checking out.


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4. Digify

The Digify is a free application for sending files securely and in private a manner, allowing you to control your files even after they are transferred. It features integration with Dropbox, and some unique options like copy protection and files that self-destruct. If you need to send a confidential file, this is a great option. The app is still in its infancy, but is already well reported, and then it is worth trying to use it, because the tendency is it improve over time.


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5. Microsoft Account

This is for you that use hotmail or It is quite common to Microsoft asking a security check when you access your account, to protect your privacy. Often the process is inconvenient and you must receive an SMS and enter the security code. With this official app from the company, every time you need to check your account, it receives a notification and a code for you to access it.


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6. Momondo

Momondo is a search engine for flights and hotels that operates worldwide and was recently launched in Brazil, but it is now available for English too. It has a modern and nice interface, and you can find cheap flights even in other countries, ie, it is excellent for planning a trip out. An interesting feature is the Friend Compass, which shows you how much it costs to visit your Facebook friends.


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7. Hellofood

The Hellofood is a worldwide delivery service for restaurants, and is present in many countries around the world. Now you no longer need to use the phone to order food, just open the app and search for what you want. Find restaurants near you, and you can still pay by cash or card, and online.

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8. Greenify

This is a great app that helps you to save battery. Previously this app worked only with rooted android device but now it works even without administrator permission, but with limited functionality. It works by monitoring the applications installed and disable the apps you're not using. That way you avoid that Facebook – one of the biggest battery eaters – let you down with the updates in the background. Especially useful for when you go out and you will not know how to recharge your smartphone easily. Without root it cannot detect and disable applications, but you can create a pre-defined list of what to put for 'hibernate'.


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9. Modern Combat 5

This is the latest version of the famous game from Gameloft, and considered one of the best games of first-person shooter for mobile devices. The Modern Combat 5 is online then you can play in multiplayer mode or in individual fighting an enemy that brings chaos worldwide. Gameloft finally withdrew purchases from within the app, and it costs about $7.


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10. Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2, as the name says, is a fighting game where you only see the shadow of the character. It is the sequel to Shadow Fight, a game that was very successful on Facebook and is a mixture of RPG and fighting game. You equip your fighter with various weapons and armor, and combat using martial arts techniques. The app is free, but offers purchase options during the game.


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