Top 10 Tools to Become More Productive At Work

Technology has helped us become more efficient at work. With it we can accomplish complex projects simple and dynamic way. However, there is still much for us to increase our productivity in the professional environment.

To help you find tools that will help you professionally, we have prepared a list of 10 tools and applications that improve productivity in professional tasks.


The program of the U.S. Microsoft allows users to communicate via phone calls at reduced rates, instant messaging and videoconferencing. Skype is a very complete tool for corporate communication. However, a connection to the internet to use any of its features is necessary. The application is free and available for all major platforms.

Skype-Video -Call

Google Hangouts

Hangouts basically has the same features as Skype. However, your application for smartphones, tablets or desktops is considerably lighter than its competitor. For professionals who have a smartphone input maybe this is the best tool for corporate communication.

Additionally, Google Hangouts is present natively on all devices powered by Android. The tool allows to broadcast live events through Hangouts On Air for free.


Focus Time

For those who find it difficult to get a break at work, the Focus Time application can be an excellent tool for you to help manage time. It is possible to work with 25 minute periods at intervals of 5 minutes. Then you can have a longer break of about 15 minutes. Many users find that this is an interesting way to maintain productivity without working too hard in a long restless manner.

The application is available for $5 for iOS and Mac.

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The cloud storage service Dropbox has become increasingly efficient and useful in administrative departments. With it, you can access documents, photos, presentations and many other files between computers, tablets or smartphones. The service synchronizes information to be available in updated form on any device, regardless of where the access is performed.

Dropbox is free and is available for PC, Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.


One of the things you can do with Skype is to share your screen with other users. And when you need a remote access? The performs efficiently and simply tasks like these. It's possible that another user take the reins and fix a problem on your computer, or even that you can collaborate on a project to someone directly from your computer by remote access.

The sharing service is a simple screen. It's free for up to 10 users simultaneously.


Google Cloud Print

A great tool for sharing a printer is Google Cloud Print. With it you can connect to printers via the web. By using the service you can provide your printers from work or home to whomever you want.

Google Cloud Print works on smartphones, tablets, desktops, and any device with internet access. The service is free.



One of the most efficient applications for corporate use is Evernote. With it you can jot down notes and share with all company employees. For a disorganized professional, the service allows it to manage its activities, and store the data of your tasks already completed for future reference.

Evernote lets you take notes, create to-do lists, create notifications to remember activities, capture photos, as well as providing voice memo recording. The service is available for smartphones, tablets and desktops free.

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Freedom application is very useful for professionals who are easily distracted while working. With the app you can block sites that can harm your productivity at work, such as social networks. The Freedom is available for Android, Mac and Windows and now has over 500 million users worldwide.



The Pocket is a news aggregator built by the user. With it you can store and news articles to read at another time. If you have seen something interesting during your job but do not have time to read or interact with information, you can save it on your Pocket to view at another time.

The application is available for major mobile and desktop platforms for free.



A more simplified version of Evernote. That may be the definition of Simplenote, application with simple interface that stores content in the cloud and allows synchronize them between different devices. Initially the application was present only for Apple devices, but last year the application was already available for Android users.

To use Simplenote is not necessary to have a registration, however, to synchronize content with other devices you must have an account on the Service. The Simplenote is free.


We are sure that some of these applications will help you a lot in your professional environment. Your time at work can become more enjoyable and less stressful for executing tasks and projects.

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