Top 5 Best Mobile GSM and CDMA SIM Network in India

Airtel Logo
In India, Mobile Phone SIM is a problem due to vast area and less coverage. Here is the list of best SIM.

After 2G and 3G auction in India, most of the network operators entered in the competition of providing the telecom service. After this auction had confirmed as a scam, we came to know that most of them are cheap networks, also they have entered in this competition of Indian Telecom.

     Rank #1: Airtel

Airtel Logo

Airtel Logo

I personally prefer and use Airtel, it has the best network coverage even in rural areas. Taking about its offers, it provide good offers and value added service.

Customer support 121, is also quick and easily accessible. I would give the Airtel as the best network award.

Rank #2: Vodafone

I have never used Vodafone but, all my friends do use this telecom. The service provided by this Vodafone is good. Network coverage is also good but only in urban areas. I don’t prefer to suggest this network in rural areas even they have network coverage over there.

Update: Vodafone has given a tough competition of Airtel last year. But only drawback of Vodafone is there tariff rate. It costly for average Indian users.

Vodafone Logo Big Size

Vodafone Logo

Its 3G signal and speed is awesome as compare to other service providers.

Rank #3: Idea

Idea is one of the oldest network along with Airtel. Network coverage is also good in rural and urban areas. They don’t offer best goodies. The tariff rates are higher than other. It offers good 3G pack but connectivity to 3G is very weak, it gets disconnected.

Idea Cellular Logo

Idea Cellular Logo

Rank #4: Reliance

Reliance India Mobile had first introduce in CDMA then it step into GSM field. The network coverage is good but most of time it has problem. There are many migrants from Reliance to other telecom because of contant network problem.

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Rank #5: Tata Docomo

Same as Reliance Tata has stepped into GSM after its success in Tata Indicom landline CDMA. With the collabration with the Docomo telecom of Japan. It entered in India telecom service. There is problem with the network connectivity with this telecom. Offers provided by this company is awesome. Cheap and best so it is ranked better than BSNL.

Other Networks

Other network which are in India are Cellone, BSNL, Uninor, Videocon, MTS, and more.

BSNL or Cellone, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited   is government of India undertaking, but the network of this is very bad. Most of the time the IVR gives only one error message that “Person you are calling is out off coverage area” even though BSNL person is standing just beside you.

Update 2: BSNL is trying to improve there overall service in 2015 Union Financial Budget. We do hope they will increase there user base and provide best service as other private telecom companies.

BSNL Mobile Landline Broadband Logo

BSNL Mobile Landline Broadband Logo

Uninor, is the cheap network came in during the 2G scam. The offers provided by Uninor is great but the problem is with the network coverage. I have recently heard that, TRAI has cancelled the licence of Uninor.

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Aircel, this is very famous in southern part of India. As it was first launched in Chennai so most of the people in south prefer to have this network.

MTS, it provide the best internet data speed and plans. But after scam came in to picture, its licence was also got cancelled in major circle.

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Number of user in 2014 [updated list]:

  1. Airtel – 310 million user
  2. Reliance – 310 million user
  3. Vodafone – 220 million user
  4. Tata Docomo – 210 million user
  5. Uninor – 210 million user
  6. Aircel-201 millon user
  7. Bsnl -115 million user

Update: Check out the recently updated mobile network subscriber list.

Note and Conclusion:

Even though there are lot of upcoming telecom service providers, giving you best plan, call rates, talk-time  etc. still prefer to go for top 5 only. It will not cause you any future problems.

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194 Responses

  1. suresh says:

    this is wrong when compare to vodafone and airel, vodafone is better for network coverage

  2. Aaditya says:

    According to series in 2013..with users..

    1-Airtel – 176 million
    2-Reliance – 152 million
    3-Vodafone – 146 million
    4-Idea – 130 million
    5-Bsnl -115 million
    6-Tata Docomo – 110 million
    7-Aircel – 80 million
    8-Uninor – 64 million
    9-MTS – 50 million
    10-Videocom – 35 million
    11-MTNL – Don’t know
    12-Loop Mobile – Really Dn’t knw..

  3. MANAV SHARMA says:

    In my opinion, Vodafone is best except J & K

  4. wasim says:

    Please do not use idea they are the worst, online service is awful, half the time there system does not work, not proper information is shared and every month u will be fighting with them on ur bill.

    • ezhil says:

      I am from tamilnadu.I am living in a village.for the past 5 months I have been using idea..They are giving lots of offers.reduced tariff,very low charged boosters,top ups more than the amount,etc..Inspite of all these,their network coverage is poor.the signal quality is worst.voice quality is pathetic.They concentrate on adding customers by giving offers.they dont concentrate on quality of service.Thats why i have changed to vodofone..The quality of service is amazing.My wife is using airtel.These two networks have covered almost all parts of india either urban or rural.

  5. vinay naik says:

    BSNL ( Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited )
    Government of india better……

    Network wise airtel best.

  6. Vinay says:


  7. KARUNARAJA says:

    i have using my airtel for the last 8 year….Best network and internet useage….

  8. darshan kulkarni says:

    i prefer airtel and idea as there network coverage is good in all telecom circles

  9. Abhishek Kadam says:

    Friends if u don’t mind, I use Idea sim from 3 year. It has good network than Airtel and Vodafone in Maharashtra.

  10. Arman says:

    I think Vodafone is the best in india but costly network, even so, i have been using for the 4 years

  11. SIDD says:

    Uninor is the best sim for couples..and for college student…i would like to inform that uninor has renewed the license which was cancelled by TRAI….all are just waiting for Uninor to come up with 3G network.

  12. SIDD says:

    1-Airtel – 310 million user
    2-Reliance – 310 million user
    3-Vodafone – 220 million user
    4-Tata Docomo – 210 million user
    5-Uninor – 210 million user
    6-Aircel-201 millon user
    7-Bsnl -115 million user
    uninor the upcoming network..followed by aircel.

  13. ashish kothalkar says:

    Muze mere shahar mere jile me kon sa sim card best internet speed dega yah janana hain.

  14. Jamal says:

    Airtel is good but its calling rate is very high. Give me a name of good network SIM with lowest rate.

    • Vishal says:

      Reliance is best as per it’s call rate cutters and internet both are good than other mobile networks.i suggest all should buy Reliance for good services,i also use Reliance for me and my family.

  15. Sachin says:

    I am using idea(haryana) for internet …connected…. Disconnected…… Searching…. Conne…searching….connected. In haryana rohtak idea is load of bakwas.

  16. gaurav says:

    Bad network in airtel prepaid conection..

  17. Jalja Patel says:

    I’ve been using vodafone since 9 years.. It’s network is good but these days its data network isn’t good. It shows signal but never send or load any page so I’m planning to do portability but dont know which network I should prefer. And above all they are increasing their charges for data plan and not giving best of it!

  18. Manan says:

    Airtel s**ks and tata docomo is way better

  19. Abhishek says:

    Does reliance 3G has good network than airtel 2G in Kharagpur,West bengal ?

  20. Vishal says:

    Which two sim cards are best everywhere for internet,talking.tarrifs and most important network. Please tell me,so that i can buy them.

  21. P.DAIMARI says:

    Air tel is the best network.But the call rate is higher. Its good for rich n busy people.

  22. Aswin Thomas says:

    Airtel is better network i prefer while travelling in train compared to idea. But Airtel is in competition with Vodafone.

  23. alok singh says:

    For strongest Signal – 1. airtel 2. vodafone all other operators are not so good…meanwhile airtel is most stable network.voda fluctuates somehow…it depends on frequency being used by them..but i have seen in u.p. east and west , where vodafone is on 900 mHz..but still fluctuating signal…this affects voice for best quality of service ..go for airtel…for cheap calls ..go for uninor..dont use bsnl bakwas….yes data speed of voda is better than anyone..costs of voda and airtel are same…so ultimately i suggest that choose a sim of 900mHz band operator in your circle and not 1800mHz band.

  24. at says:

    Vodafone iam usng for above 2-3 years and its best but 2g very slow and 3g is not bad.custmercare very good and network best but reacharges plans and data plans are higher cost which sim i would be take for net talk

  25. vishal s says:

    Airtel has v good network in Karnataka from last 3 year I never want out of reach while travelling anywhere in Karnataka evan in village’s but internet packs r vv costly

  26. kumar says:

    Vodafone Is the best 😀

  27. kirthi says:

    Even I also prefers airtel as first..but in airtel, they often reducing the data balance..this is the thing making me upset sometimes

  28. Aliya Fathima says:

    Which sim card is best in Internet?
    Vodafone or Airtel…

  29. poonam says:

    I am using idea sim its internet is to much slow and while contacting to customer care they keep the call for hold & then disconnect it i am realy very unsatisfying with this sim and customer service.

  30. dhannu says:

    Idea is best coverage in bhilai area

  31. vikram says:

    BSNL is the best mobile network provider in south India, It lags behind majorly in terms of signal strength in every other city.

  32. pratik dhundale says:

    Given information is worng arrording to many people ranking is (1) BSNL (2) IDEA (3)VODAFONE (4) AIRTEL (5)TATA DOCOMO and other in Buldana and Maharastra circle.

  33. Nidi Omar says:

    In my opinion Airtel & BSNL is good .

    Airtel have a good network coverage throughout the country.
    I use to travel a lot in that case (roaming) BSNL is affordable,
    affordable in all sense 3G at lower price and with other value added services.
    There is certain problem in the network of BSNL , in case of Airtel the roaming charge has been decreased an it is now a bit affordable but 3G plan….. OMG its really costly .

  34. Malay says:

    Help I’m confused about which sim is better….. for call, net, messaging…..or converge. I’m have used Reliance is totally poor sim and slow net…. please suggeste me to buy better and best sim..

  35. Meenakshi Agarwal says:

    I am situated in Tamil nadu. I am a currently using of vodafone from past 10 – 15 years but wish to switch over to another netwrok. The network is weak in rural areas and also i found the airtel my plans to be quite attractive as i feel vodafone find my bills be be quite expensive. My father is very particular about network as he is usally on the go. He suggests that BSNL has the best network but i feel Airtel has. What would you suggest? Should i stay in Vodafone itself and change to a better plan? Or switch to airtel or bsnl? My main parameters are first Network Coverage and second the cost. So kindly help.

  36. sam srx says:

    In my opinion ……idea is the best network……coz its offers a lots of plans …………..(raising fastly)

  37. sujeeth says:

    I am using reliance for past 6 years for that time I was in different states.But in present reliance is pathetic its network coverage is horrible, before 3G speed was good but now it is also pathetic.Now I am porting to Airtel .Though I guess after uninor reliance has the lowest voice call rates and data packs.

  38. Vijay Bankar says:

    Airtel is best

  39. aditya says:

    Tata docomo network coverage weak single how to strong

  40. abrar ahmed says:

    im using aircel in this network is very veek if I port for airtel can I get good network in my old sim.

  41. malay says:

    Help me which sim is better for network converge and voice call data and SMS…

  42. ISHAN says:

    See I am from Manipur, and here we only know about a few sim connecting networks – Bharati Air tel, Reliance and guess the best network is Videocon, whose network started in 2009, here. And when we talk about Vodafone’s network, it is the worst as it was planning to set up its network here since 2011 but is unsuccessful till date. Whereas brands like Loop mobile have overtaken them. And same is about uninor and idea

  43. arun chawla says:

    I am from haryana..I am using vodafone postpaid cug from past three years…no doubt network is Gud but it is very costly.. now I want to shift to another network…. Pls suggest me best network…

  44. sathish says:

    I use Vodafone and airtel but Vodafone is good for 2g Internet and air tel is good for 3g internet

  45. pathma says:

    AIRTEL is best service
    Then Vodafone
    Next best is idea
    This above list statement is hundred percent correct

  46. Harshad says:

    Really reliance give better offer than ever Sim card in 188its give ulimated 3Gnet pack 150rs balance

  47. Harshad says:

    I use aritel and reliance is better

  48. khaleem says:

    Airtel is best net work 3 g gud custmar care is vry pure yar

  49. gopi says:

    Airtel 2011 to 2013 very well network but last 8 months very poor service to customers. many time tower problem and 3g also offers ok but Tower is main.and vodafone is last 10 years very good service to customers you go any area no tower problem. And 3g also good 3rd one idea last 3 months improve my areas its like new generation 3g very fast.aircel local only.

  50. Pooja says:

    please tell me which sim is best for call and data please I’m using BSNL Its poor network

  51. Pooja says:

    tell only one sim for full coverage best internet

  52. Tanu says:

    I have used BSNL sim in 6-7 years its poor network…. I’m compare to Changed sim to other net tell me best and better sim for me and my family…

  53. ananya says:

    Which sim is better for net ,Vodafone, tata docomo or reliance?

  54. ezhil says:

    Friends.Here are my suggestions.As for as network coverage and quality of service is concerned,both airtel and vodafone are excellent..but I will agree with what zakir said.even I have experienced once.They will cheat you when use any value added services.So i recommend not to use airtel sim for both calling and value added services.Use the sim for anyone function.

  55. Tanu says:

    tell me about reliance GSM

  56. Tanu says:

    ezhil which sim is better for call, sms, internet and coverage.

  57. Rajaguru says:

    Don’t ever give a good review for idea network. So pathetic network and not at all customer friendly

  58. Tanu says:

    AirCel how iz it….

  59. puskar gupta says:

    i think airtel is best best best in compare to any telecom company.airCel is totaly bakwas never use airCel and idea to chor hai.ADD me aata hai IIN(ISKA FULL FORM YE HONA CHAHIYE”IDIOT INDIAN DAKU”)

  60. vinay says:

    Best network coverage all over india rural areas – Airtel
    and next place bsnl.

  61. Sujoy Ganguly says:

    This is the best review I am writing.

    1.Best network – AIRTEL & VODAFONE both . 95% Area. ( 9.5 out of 10) ( Costly )
    2.Good network – BSNL 85 % ( 8.5 out of 10) ( Costly Than Airtel & Vodafone)
    3.Average network – IDEA 80 % ( 8 out of 10) (Costly than reliance) , Reliance 75 % ( 7.5 out of 10) cheap rate than AIRTEL/VODAFONE/BSNL/IDEA
    4.Bellow Average Network – AIRCEL/DOCOMO 65 % ( 6.5 out of 10) Cheap rate than all but poor Network.

    But Now a days we use dual sim Mobile phone. Sim 1 for Strong Network for emergency (while out of town/city) & SIM 2 for cheap call rate/sms/Data (home range) like Reliance/Idea with Average Network.

  62. Sujoy Ganguly says:

    When i travel in train & search for network , i always get 4 networks.
    AIRTEL>VODAFONE>BSNL>RELIANCE . This is my 12 years mobile experience .
    All the best.

  63. Kishan says:

    I have been using airtel since last 7-8 years. Connectivity good in rural areas also. Only thing I feel is, airtel is a little bit costlier than other service providers.

  64. martin says:

    I use BSNL from past two years. Initially the network was bad, but after frequent complaints, they have upgraded the network twice, hence from mid 2014 onwards, the network is very good. Plans are very affordable. Especially when travelling in train and when or in remote areas , other networks are Off but BSNL always has network. Its the best in my opinion. No spam calls, mo unnecessary ad calls. The only downside acc to me is their 3G speed which is not good. But its 2G speed is great .. !! My circle is south Karnataka. I am not sure how good is BSNL service at other parts..

  65. varun kumar says:

    Airtel is much better than vodafone and airtel is best signal and vodafone is very bad network signal and very costly internet plans

  66. varun kumar says:


  67. Sujoy Ganguly says:

    Dear Vinay : Best network coverage is Airtel. Best network. u can use airtel. It is the largest mobile network business operator in India in gsm mobile network. Airtel has 21.5 crores subscribers . no dropped call , good grps speed, clear voice quality. u can trust Airtel .
    Vodafone is also good.

  68. vinay says:

    airtel indias largest network & best network award all time or temporary.

  69. Vivek says:

    hi , i am using airtel. Before airtel i use vodafone . But vodafone is very weak network and bad 2g network. And vodafone has no own 3g network .this is aurthorised airtel 3g network . So vodafone is not exceptable in bihar and jharkhand and village. when i used vodafone then his 2g speed is averege 6kB/sec ,7kB/sec
    Now i use airtel this averege speed is 20kB/sec to 26,27kB/sec

  70. Ammar says:

    I am confused between airtel and Vodafone which one should I prefer……..
    I live in mumbai

  71. vinay says:

    sujoy ganguly i think private operator’s fraud, foolish, cheating. only profit business everytime. bsnl better. government of india service …

  72. Sujoy Ganguly says:

    Ammar :@ I always prefer network wise Airtel is best.
    Vinay : @ yes Dear, U r right . BSNL mobile is reliable .

  73. vinay says:

    sujoy ganguly airtel best network award winner parmanent or temporary.

  74. Sujoy Ganguly says:

    Vinay :dear, i dont know the exact information :-(

  75. Sujoy Ganguly says:

    For BSNL customer, Call 1503 (Customer care) for Latest Plans & talk with Customer care executives. BSNL has improved their customer care cell.
    For Self help :
    (For Know Voice tariff etc) SMS ” HELP (SPACE) VOICE & send 53733 .
    (For Know DATA tariff etc) SMS ” HELP (SPACE) DATA & send 53733 .
    (For Know SMS tariff etc) SMS ” HELP (SPACE) SMS & send 53733 .

  76. vinay says:

    bsnl better than other servicess …
    private operator cheating sometime.

  77. Chandan Chauhan says:


  78. Mettew says:

    Hi I was idea user it had nice intent speed even on 2G but after sometime it had network issue now I changed to Vodafone but 2G is poor but at night after 2 it get nice speed but know I want to use a network that’s good for my iPhone any suggestions for iOS devices sim and best network and internet network please tell me

  79. Harshad says:

    Best network coverage in maharashtra – idea
    Best 3G network in maharashtra – idea. Airtel has worst network in pune. For maharashtra select idea cellular.

  80. vinay says:

    Harshad Best Network Coverage All Over India Urban & Rural Area Which Sim ?????????

  81. amit vaishnav says:

    I want to take new connection mainly for internet accesibility
    Plz suggest which sim is better for this

  82. vinay says:

    Network coverage wise rural area which sim best all time ????????????????

  83. Jeet says:

    I am using Airtel. For last 7 years. The download and upload speed is best and better then vodafone and any other network provider in delhi and ncr. However when I co to punjab non of these 2 works(airtel and vodafone). However airtel works for calling very easily in punjab as well. But in terms of 3g internet speed. airtel and vodafone both are far behind from idea as idea gives better 3g internet coverage in punjab. However. Apart from internet speed. There is no loop fall in airtel network in punjab. They can earn more customers if they work on their 3g internet speed in punjab.

  84. Sujoy Ganguly says:

    3G/2G speed depends on circle to circle & network Connectivity (towers, frequencies) .I am also using BSNL 3G . outstanding speed. i can download a mp3 song (5-6mb) within 7-10secs.

  85. Sujoy Ganguly says:

    AIRTEL/VODAFONE/BSNL/RELIANCE/AIRCEL/IDEA , they provide 3G with avarage download speed 300-400kbps. :-)

  86. vinay says:

    I am setle with airtel & bsnl.
    best network coverage overall india rural areas.

  87. Sujoy Ganguly says:

    Yes Vinay .

  88. Sujoy Ganguly says:

    for bsnl prepaid plans ,recharge , Visit

  89. vinay says:

    Sujay i am full confused airtel best network coverage or bsnl ?????????

  90. B.Chaitanya Kiran says:

    Vodafone has good signal but it costs a lot for calls and net.
    The net offers are really worst when compared to all the other things. I think its better to prefer airtel,idea or bsnl for the best internet offers.
    Vodafone removes the offers very fast. If we use a good and profitable offers once; we find it for the next time of our reacharge. .
    So, i think vodafone is waste and worst. .

  91. pardeep says:

    2g.speed best. Airtel.idea

  92. Bg says:

    The worst network in India is aircel only

  93. ananya says:

    pls tell me about tata DOCOMO net connectivity and network provided by them

  94. ranjan says:

    i hope Vodafone sim is always good.

  95. Ankush says:

    Idea is good in Delhi but poor in Noida & Gurgaon far off areas. In Delhi also Idea easily get affected in metro rail, in basement & if your seat in office is near a pillar.

  96. Prashant says:

    Vodafone is best in signal strength as I have used it in Galtare rural area in Maharastra, then Airtel was 2nd, others zero there and i have found that Reliance CDMA signal is always better than others irrespective of area, though you have to mae call twice as it never connects your call at the very first attempt and person calling you will also feel same. recently it launched rs.41 or 42 special recharge – talk unlimited for 1 day.

  97. Ankur says:

    Help me which sim is better for network converge and voice call data and SMS

  98. suman says:

    Hi,suman here am from kolkata i am using vodafone since 3years realy am enjoying there network and 3g speed is excellent but when i go to any rural areas lots of network problem arise then,am using airtel since 8months sometimes i feel problem in kolkata but in rural areas airtel is awesome,so its being clear that though airtel and vodafone is leading operators in india but there also have some disabilities.

  99. Vinoth says:

    Which is the best Sim in tamil nadu,,
    I m waiting 4 ur answer ☺☺☺

    • Arun says:

      Vodafone is the best… In Urban and Rural.
      I’ve been using it for 7years and I’m really happy with the quality of the network. The customer care is very responsive when u raise a complaint. 3G is blazing fast and can never be compared to any networks. Go with Vodafone..

  100. Animesh says:

    In my opinion aircel is the best simcard to be used in Jharkhand.

  101. Rupa Ghatak says:

    Reliance is most 3rd rated chip rated network..very bad network and customar care of reliance also very chip because r chip and rude behaviour………..ghatia bakwas faltu

  102. Sujoy Ganguly says:

    Hi after very long time

  103. pooja says:

    mere pass idea hai…mai aur airel bhi.internet ke liye konsa use karu?

  104. Arun Panwar says:

    Reliance is awesome as it provides very cheap internet. But only in some areas, its networks are unavailable but wherever i most lives, the network is awesome. It should come in No. 1 or 2nd. :)

  105. parv gour the great says:

    hey u r wrong BSNL should stand at first position and airtel at 2 nd position and i have checked all the speed of all companies… and 700kb/s downloading speed and 402 kb/uploading speed it is very best and great coverage area…..

  106. PARV GOUR the great says:

    hey. BSNL should be stand at first and airtel:‚ vodafone in 2 nd & 3rd becoz the connectivity and coverage area of bsnl is very even in rural areass… i have checked all the companies speed and the speef of bsnl is 701kb/s downloading and 402kb/s uploading

  107. Ankit chaudhary says:

    Airtel is better after then other netwrk

  108. ashutosh says:

    Air tel is tha best network

  109. rajveer says:

    THIS TIME airtel really good☆☆☆☆

  110. Ankit Sriva says:

    I confused between Airtel and vodafone …which is better for voice calling and also data….in bihar

  111. Sujoy Ganguly says:

    Internet speed No 1 – AIRTEL /
    NO 3 – BSNL

  112. Sujoy Ganguly says:


  113. Sujoy Ganguly says:

    Bsnl is Indias fastest growing cellular service. Approximately 11% of people in India are using bsnl. They have brought gsm service at an affordable cost to the common man.

    Pros : 3G Services. Economical. Pyari Jodi Plan. High Talk Value per Recharge, Good customer service (only dial 1503, no waiting), selft help option (for voice call TARIFF type ” HELP VOICE ” SEND 53733) ETC

  114. ranjan says:

    Vodafone is better than airtel.

  115. Gemini says:

    Airtel is best network both urban&rural area vodafone have abit problem in rural area 2g net airtel&vodafone vodafone win 3g net vodafone win

  116. Anirudh says:

    I will be staying in pune for my graduations… I wanted to know which network is best… I will be staying in the exact heart of the city.. Right now i use an Airtel network staying in Central suburb of mumbai.. Its coverage is exceptionally good.. PLZ RECOMMEND ME A VERY GOOD NETWORK TO USE WHILE I WILL BE IN PUNE ( HEART OF THE PUNE)..I MEAN exactly IN CENTER

  117. Nikhil Sharma says:

    Why do you go for foreign network operator?? Use indian network operator like airtel and idea. Be Indian

  118. Amit kumar says:

    Only one and that’s the #vodafone. ,however its costly but its net speed is awsm.

  119. Sanjeev says:

    Airtel is king of all networks nd vodafone is very bad i request u all plz donot buy vodafone sim card

  120. Aditya Bedve says:

    I Am Using Vodafone And Idea Idea 2G downloading Speed is 54k/s its awsosome And 3G also good but idea 3G Connectivity is week Vodafone 3G is Excellent Airtel is Not Compare to Vodafone&Idea &Vodafone 2G is downloading speed is 31k/s

  121. Raghav says:

    LOL. Reliance and Tata Docomo in Rank #4 & 5 and BSNL is no where in Top 5. Are you kidding.? Have you ever used Reliance or Tata Docomo GSM SIMs while traveling in rural areas.? BSNL has the coverage to remotest areas (even in forest) whereas other networks go away in city outskirts. All the private operators eat-up money by enabling unwanted Value (?) Added Services without user consent. Subscribers are afraid to keep balance. I do no understand on what basis you have given the rankings. Only based on some Metro, Tecchy friends feed-back.? If personal experience and friends are limited to urban areas than keep the article and Rankings to urban. Do not apply this to all over India.

  122. Shanu says:

    Which one is the good network in reliance cdma and gsm in kerala.

  123. sandy says:

    Reliance is the king of all networks

  124. vetri says:

    airtel service provider more support customers. 8 yrs i am using no issue

    than voda.tata.idea good not bad

  125. Alok singh says:

    vodafone is also better than
    because airtel data charge is high

  126. Arun says:

    Vodafone provides the best network in India (In Urban and Rural too).
    No other networks can be compared to such a high quality network. It’s 3G service is blazing fast and it speeds above 10Mbps but, Airtel 3G is struggling to reach 4Mbps. That’s the quality of Vodafone.

  127. Rajeev says:

    Best internet along with Airtel network. Reliance gsm network is very creatical it is not working about customer service

  128. sai says:

    Which is best sim in forest which sim can work in forest

  129. Rohan says:

    Idea network speed was good …:-)

  130. Rohan says:

    Idea network speed was good in gujarat…:-)

  131. Manish says:

    Is BSNL network good in Delhi

  132. sanskar says:

    Airtel is soso good and I think that in all the world no any is here like airtel

  133. Raghu veer says:

    I took airtel prepaid, signal is good, thank you

  134. Atul Kumar says:

    I do not like Airtel because it is very much costly as compare to other to other ISP Network and you must see the overall performance. Which include cost also.

  135. Saniya says:


    which sim best network coverage for rural areas all time ?

  136. KING says:

    BSNL………….. Is the best network. Those private Fu…ing networks always try to charge you by activating unnecessary offers. BSNL always follows the government rules, thus ensuring the people’s safety, whereas others will not. Radiation is more in other networks than that of BSNL. So, Buy new BSNL SIM and throw away other SIMs.

  137. mitra says:

    I have used aircel in Delhi for a long time and was satsified until I wanted 3G when I ported to Idea. i have used Airtel for a longtime from 2006 to 2010. Their customer care was horrible and they deducted a rupee or two daily from my prepaid account. When confronted they said I must have subscribed to something. Disgusting. I thew away the airtel sim then

  138. Saniya says:

    PK all over india urban & rural areas which sim best network coverage all time ?

  139. Vinay says:

    Be carefull
    All private operators profit only, fraud, cheating, foolish.
    BSNL better government service.

  140. anil says:

    Tata-docomo, BSNL and Aircel are the worst.
    In critical situation you will feel this. BSNL will kill your good times.
    Never go for above three. I have good experience.

  141. Vinay says:

    Which service best anil ???

  142. abhi says:

    airtel network is not good in houses but vodafone network is good

  143. RAMA says:

    The network is No.1 for Voice Calls in most of the place. Its striving better to provide the best, but somewhere it fallen down. But its still No.1 in millions. Rural Coverage is also No.1 compared to other networks. 4G No.1 Operator.

    Vodafone IN:
    The network offered is excellent. 3G Is No.1, Airtel 3G is No.2. According to speed. Network is followed by airtel. Call rates are also as like as airtel. Its No.2 Operator by its subs base.
    Customer Care is excellent followed by airtel.

    Network is good but only in cities. Its rural backbone is still in Vodafone IN. The 3G offered by Idea is good. 3G ICR with Vodafone in circles like TN, Chennai is best ever. Call rates are going high with reducing network quality on Idea. Idea Customer Care is worst ever.

    GSM Network:
    Network – Worst. Customer Care – Worst 3G: Slow and Okay.
    Rural Coverage: Worst Ever. Tie Up with : AIRCEL, TATA DOCOMO
    RatesL Going Hi. Without any developments.

    CDMA: Just opposite
    No.1 in CDMA with poor cc.

    TATA Docomo:
    Worst Ever Network overall – CC, Tariff, Internet, COVERAGE.

  144. Sathish says:

    No 1 in broadband, DTH, Cellphone, etc….

    Low price best QoS.

  145. Vinay says:

    Satish airtel best network award & largest network all time or temporary ?

  146. Bipin Singh says:

    guys guys !!! please tell me all kind of prepaid sim card used in uttar pradesh,…….

  147. vinay says:

    Airtel Largest Network & Best network award
    parmanent or temporary ?

  148. vinay says:

    Airtel 4G is BSNL 3G.
    Fraud, Cheating, Foolish, Profit, Airtel.
    BSNL Better. Government Service.

  149. Inder says:

    Based on punjab region, please tell me best between :- Idea and tata docomo..

  150. vijay says:

    Move from airtel …. it working really bad in east Delhi n most funny thing is that airtel support member are aware with this problem but they don’t know when it will be resolved…I m a 6 yrs user of aietel and using 4 no in my family..belive me during 24 hrs …90% times i am seeing 0 signal over all mobiles including postpaid and prepaid…planning to port my all number to other company…

  151. vinay says:

    Don’t use vodafone guys, it’s a british company.
    Use Indian Company like,
    Reliance. etc…

  152. Koushik says:

    what about Aircel @ urban area?

  153. Aishwarya says:

    best network coverage which sim ?

  154. Aishwarya says:

    All time ???

  155. Aishwarya says:

    All time ?

  156. Vinay says:

    Sujay Ganguly
    How many years using airtel ?
    plz tell me ……….

  157. Debasish says:

    Airtel Kaal tak 2g tha watssaap chalta tha sirf watssaap download k ware main to kabhi sosh ta v nhi tha itna bura internet hai. Lekin aaj 3g chorne k baad dekha e to 2g se v kharaf nikla. Aabto watssaap v nhi hota hai. Dekhte he kaabtak thik karta hai internet Mahendraganj, Meghalaya par.

  158. Mufeed Abbas says:

    vodafone is the best network in india i used tht sim frm lst 10yrs

  159. Priya says:

    10 years back vodafone internet ‘G’ mark or ‘E’ mark. Mufeed Abbas.

  160. pradip says:

    Vodafone is best but its so costly for offers…

  161. Ome says:

    airtel 3g is now very bad network in West Bengal.

  162. bhushan says:

    Airtel is best smartphone network

  163. priyanka says:

    Airtel Wins Best Quality Mobile Sim Network Provider Award – 2012

    This award all time or temporary anyone plz reply ?

  164. sam says:

    Which is the best 4g network in Mumbai

  165. Hitesh says:

    In my opinion reliance and vodafone are the best network.I use vodafone for last 4 years and reliance for last 2 years. Reliance 3G network is very fast campare to other networks. I am from rajasthan

  166. Raj says:

    Who is India’s Number one Network anywhere ?
    airtel or BSNL ?

  167. Roy says:

    Docomo…cust service is very good but the network is really worse…

  168. mohini says:

    for broadband Bsnl is best. But for voice signals are weak. Hope Bsnl will improve d signals like broadband service…

  169. shashi kanta muduli says:

    reliance is the best sim in india but airtel vodafone not coverage in network but reliannce is network covering net speed 3g 2.5 mbps

  170. Sree says:

    Hi Guys,

    Who provides better coverage and 3G in entire Kerala?

    Curently using Idea and am not happy with the covergae and 3G .. Should i go for BSNL/Airtel /Reliance or Vodafone

  171. Vinay says:

    Priyabrata behera which sim best network coverage urban & rural areas all time ?

  172. rakesh roshan says:

    BSNL is not a best network, always problem.

  173. Radhika says:

    Hi,I m from Delhi,s.j encleve. I m using airtel sim from past 2 years….and its overall network is fantastic…… But I want one more another sim for internet purpose as cost of airtel internet is high……so,which sim should I opt for that can give good internet service and is cheap n affordable……… Is AIRCEL is good……….

  174. Davidson says:

    bsnl is best network very very good

  175. Davidson says:

    aircel manga madayan network oduda adi valuthuruvan ama

  176. Moulali says:

    Bsnl developped alot they done good job in chennai.bsnl may become top1

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