Transfer Facebook page followers from one to other page

Quickly transfer Facebook page likes and followers from old inactive page to newly active page with desire name and page URL.

This is an article on that will guide you for transferring Facebook page likes or followers from one old inactive page to other new active page with desire page name and page URL instantly.

To transfer of likes and followers done instantly, you have to edit and change the existing inactive Facebook page name matching with new live active page and then merge them to single page.

If you don’t have a Facebook page you can create one using our guide on creating a Facebook page within seconds.

Categories to create Facebook Page

Categories to create Facebook Page

How to Transfer Followers from Pages?

Now, If you have inactive Facebook page and want to delete that page without loosing those followers, than you can transfer those followers or people to other active pages.

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Yes, it is possible to transfer followers from on page to other page. But the thing is that your inactive page will be deleted and even content, post, images of that page will also be deleted. So it is better to take backup for your all Facebook account content if you don’t wanna loose any stuff.

Now, how to transfer followers? This can be done by merging old inactive pages to new active pages.

I have written a guide on Merging Duplicate Facebook pages, just follow this guide and all of your Facebook followers will be transferred. And also the inactive pages will be deleted instantly.

AdviseRead out post completely before you start any Guide.

Guide Content:

  1. Changing Page Name to make Facebook consider it as duplicate
  2. Merging Demo Page 1  into Demo Page 2.
  3. Transferring your followers from Old inactive page to New Active page
  4. Deleting Old Inactive page.
Merged Two Facebook Pages

Merged Two Facebook Pages

I had made some big mistakes that cause me to delete 90 followers (very painful), these mistakes are also mentioned in those guide. Please read out understand how to merge and how to delete page carefully.

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Once you are done with everything, you can check and manage Facebook Pages.

Note and Conclusion: 

Try to make your each fb page post content loved by public or followers, make content humorous, informative and socially recommended to gain more likes and followers.

For any kind of help, Guide or Advise please comment below.

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