How to: Turn Off the Autocorrect Feature on Your Android Device

The auto-correct feature was born to help, especially in times when keyboards were replaced with small touch-sensitive screens. But as everyone knows, many misunderstandings can happen and so when it does not cause great pain-to-head, is at least annoying. So, here we bring a little guide, to help you turn this tool off for some handsets with the Android operating system.

Among the devices listed below are the most popular devices of the most sought after companies: LG G3, S5 Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, HTC One M8 and the Sony Xperia Z2. Even if your phone is not listed below, just look similar settings and try to disable the tool from these tips.

1. LG G3


Go to settings and select the "Language & Input" option. Then simply select the "LG Keyboard" and leave the "Keyboard" disabled (off) function.

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2. Samsung Galaxy S5


Find general configuration options and "Language and Input" options. Then, just click on "Samsung Keyboard" and find "replacement Auto" function. Select this option and slide to turn it off.

3. LG Nexus 5


This also serves to appliances with "pure Android". Find the "Language & Input" option in Settings, and then click the "Google Keyboard" button. Then just select "Auto-Correction" and put in "Off".

4. Samsung Galaxy Note 3


Also works with any Samsung devices running previous versions of TouchWiz. Go to settings and look for "Samsung Keyboard". You will find "Auto replacement" option. Just swipe left to hide.

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5. HTC One M8 (Sense 6)


Also Fits other based on KitKat / Sense OS 6 devices.'s Just go to settings and find "Language & Keyboard" and then select the "Advanced" option in the "HTC Sense Input" section. Then just remove selected "Word prediction" option.

6. Sony Xperia Z2


For most devices the Xperia line, the tip is the same: just go to settings and find "Language & input". Then just click on the symbol of "Xperia Keyboard" tools and then "Text input settings". Finally, just disable the "Word suggestions".

Obviously, the options for autocomplete phrases are disabled and to turn them back, just do the same procedure and change the action in the last step of each process.


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