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8 Responses

  1. mehranalam says:

    plz unlock my acount

  2. nasir abbasi says:

    my account has been locked. i forgot my passward. plz hlp

  3. Raymond S. Cahero says:

    I cant open my yahoo mail account. Its been a year now! Even i log- in into correct email and password. I wanna open it again .. Thanks.!

  4. Rashid says:

    I can’t open my account please help me to open my email

  5. koleosho says:

    my yahoomail is blockedso please how can i open it back

  6. djsunnywilson says:

    please unblock my yahoo ID.

  7. Lorette says:

    will this really work if your yahoo was hacked? I tried contacting customer service and not a darn thing i think i remember sending them my phone number…still nothing. I want my yahoo back my amazon information is on there. I dont care what i do but i will find a way to get my account back

  8. Dr.Tapan Roy says:

    I am unable to Unlock temporary locked my Yahoo Mail account

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