Uva Moving Agreement

UVA staff members are covered by the collective agreement of the Dutch universities (CAO NU). The collective agreement of the Dutch universities (CAO NU) applies to all direct workers of the University of Amsterdam. UVA has also introduced a number of additional regulations and regulations on topics such as educational institutions and additional holiday options. Moving and moving assistance may be provided to a newly appointed or recruited person in a full-time faculty or staff position (hereafter referred to as an employee) if authorized by the head of the school or the designated unit officer (hereafter referred to as the recruitment officer) in accordance with this directive. Any amount made available to an employee for moving and moving expenses is considered taxable income. At the discretion of the head of the school/department or the designated recruitment officer, the university (a) may offer you directly moving and moving expenses to cover the personal relocation, moving and employment costs, as shown below, to directly cover moving and moving expenses. If your university does not have a formal exchange contract with the University of Amsterdam, you can apply to the UvA as an independent guest student (free reproduction service). Free Moversind are guest students not looking for degrees, paying. You can participate in the UvA for up to two semesters (12 months). The existence of these contracts does not constitute the approval of the supplier by the university; The university also does not provide assurance that negotiated rates are the best rates available. Staff are encouraged to use stagecoach to select a moving and moving company.

Payment (s) as a taxable benefit to the employee or on behalf of an employee who arrives, to help with their personal moving, moving and employment expenses. The goal is to cover the cost of hunting at home; packaging and transporting household items, furnishings and personal items of the worker and members of the worker`s household; Transportation and accommodation for the worker and members of the worker`s household during the move.