Verify your ownership of website in Google Webmaster Tools

Verify ownership of website
Verification of new website property to verify your ownership in Google Webmaster Tools. There are different methods to verify your website.

In previous article, we have learnt how to add website property into Google Webmaster Tools. But adding only website property is does not completely setup website to webmaster tools. We need to verify that we are the owner of website before start working.

Verifying the web property is important as it protect your website for being miss used by else. This is one time process and there are different methods to verify your ownership of website with Google Webmaster tools.

Once you have added the website, you will be asked for verification as below:

Verify ownership of website with HTML file upload

Verify ownership of website with HTML file upload

If you do not have permission to home folder from your web hosting. You can also try few alternative methods mentioned for verification (screenshot below).

Verify ownership of website with alternative methods

Verify ownership of website with alternative methods

The best alternative method apart from HTML file upload would be adding TXT record into DNS of domain. Once you have completed the steps to verify with any of one method then you can click on VERIFY button.

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Once you verify your ownership, website will be added to webmaster tools dashboard and you can start tracking performance of website in Google Search.

Suppose you have added web property and wanted  to verify your ownership later. Then you can login to webmaster tools and click on verify this property (screenshot below) and follow the procedure to verify new web property.

Verifying Web Property

Verifying Web Property

Note and Conclusion:

Now your website is added and verified ownership of website property. Next you can add sitemap.xml file of website into webmaster tools so that Google will index new website links to display in Google search result.

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