The most versatile code editors

If you write code in many programming languages,you ​​do not need a specialist for each editor. I show you some of the most versatile code editors.

Something I like to do from time to time is a review of the fashionable code editors.Since I started programming I have been through many publishers, from simple notebook to the powerful Vim . When I look at the networks,they have released a new editor with some special features, I can not resist trying it for a few days to see whether that editor works for me or not.

One of the properties that I most value in a code editor is its degree of customization . A greater configuration option it has the better I think, because each one has a methodology to work differently and can work to our own style which is fantastic .

Sublime Text

Sublime Text

This is the code editor that I would recommend to anyone who started to program. Sublime Text is multi-platform, has a very nice design and installation of plugins and probably the best code editor that I will mention today . It is very versatile but proprietary software requires a license but you can use it for free indefinitely.It also has an edit mode called Vintage which makes inherit the navigation mode Vim file, so you will never need to use the mouse.


Atom code editor

It’s the new kid on the block. Atom has an interface similar to Sublime Text, is open source and managed by GitHub.It has many extensions and is very easy to customize, but I think it needs to mature a little more. However, expect a promising future. I recommend you to follow in the track.


Vim code editor

I present the most versatile code editor that I’ve tried so far. Vim requires a fairly long learning curve and sometimes hard to do. Forget about using the mouse, you will go faster with the keyboard.When you start to use your speed will be like that of a turtle, but when you learn to speak ,Vim will feel a whole ninja turtle. Is customized based on editing a text file, the .vimrc .Installing plugins is simple and if you’re using Vim as you’d think it had a feature, do not worry, probably someone has already thought of before and are sure to find a plugin on GitHub .

You can use it in a terminal or in a window, it is ideal for editing files via SSH . Being able to use the terminal commands can be executed from the terminal Vim itself and that to me is a star feature.


Brackets code editor

GNU Emacs is another editor like Vim, code is highly customizable and also free software . Be careful to mention a fan of Emacs to Vim or vice versa, would not be the first time a battle erupts.

Brackets is the picture above, is focused to work with web design but has several extensions that do support several languages ​​more. The user experience is fantastic, it has a very elegant design and among other features by default has the ability to display parts of CSS that correspond to the element where we have the cursor over .

Notepad ++ is one of the first publishers of code editor that I tried, I like to take the portable version on a flash drive in case I need an emergency editor. You can install plugins, you upload files via FTP, but the poor thing,it is quite ugly. If you’re going to spend much time writing code maybe you’re tired of seeing such an old design.

In my opinion the best code editors are those that suit the way you work and make you more productive .You may require a learning curve, but then if you are able to make settings to your liking worthwhile. What is the terrain code editor for you?

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