Extend WhatsApp Service Expiration Date for 3 years

WhatsApp Service Expiration
Is your WhatsApp messenger is going be expired soon? Follow these simple tips to renew your WhatsApp service expiration date for 3 years.

Gone those days when SMS was the basic need to keep in touch. Now WhatsApp has become one of the most useful messenger apps in daily life. To keep connected and updated with friends & family, it plays an important role. WhatsApp has also introduced VoIP calling facility and became a great competitor of existing brands like Skype, Hangout, Facebook messenger.

Let come back to topic. Recently, I checked my WhatsApp Service Expiration date and I noticed that it is going to be expired soon. Hence, I thought of renewing expiration period.

Renewing WhatsApp is very easy and payment can be done using Google Wallet payment or using payment link. For wallet, you need to link your credit or debit card with Google Wallet and make the purchase. I had recently published an article on how to use Google Wallet payment with the credit card.

So once your Google Wallet is verified with the credit card, then you can make the payment to WhatsApp. Follow the steps to make payment and extend WhatsApp service expiration.

  1. Open WhatsApp App on your smartphone.
  2. Click on Settings option.
  3. Next, hit on Account option.
  4. Select Payment Info on the Account’s page.
  5. Select the Extension period like 1 year, 3 years, 5 years period. (I would suggest either to use 3 years or 5 years renew for getting maximum discount on purchase.)
  6. Based on the payment method you opt, select Google Wallet or Send Payment URL option.
  7. Complete the payment transaction and check the WhatsApp service expiration date.
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Google Wallet Payment: is simple and easy if your wallet is already linked with a credit or debit card. Just in two clicks your payment will be completed.

Send Payment URL: will send a payment URL to email ID. Once you received email, click on the link mentioned in the mail and complete the regular transaction. Once the payment is done, within no time your service expiration will be extended.

I had selected 3 years expiration and made a payment using Google Wallet. Hence, this is my latest screenshot of service expiration period till November 5, 2019.

WhatsApp Service Expiration

WhatsApp Service Expiration

Note and Conclusion:

Now your WhatsApp Service Expiration has been renewed for the number of years you have opted and paid. Enjoy chatting with your buddies.

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If you are planning to change the mobile number, then do not opt for renewal of service. The extension is limited to the phone number, not your device. If you change your number, then service extension would of no use.

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If you are facing any issue in extension, then please drop your query in comments below.

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