WordPress SEO Breadcrumbs Link to Blog Post

WordPress SEO breadcrumb link
Fix for WordPress SEO Breadcrumbs is showing error with Google Structure Data Testing Tool for not showing link to blog post in breadcrumbs.

Recently, I checked with Google Webmaster tool for structured data errors in dashboard. I was surprised to see that I had lot of error in related to author. I knew that I had already optimized website structure data with no or zero error using Rich Snippet Tool (now discontinued and redirected). Hence I thought of giving a try with testing live data instead of old data.

When I ran live structure data testing using Google’s official testing tool. I was surprised to see that there were actually no author related error but breadcrumbs related error which were not existing previously.

Google might have recently updated its structured data testing tool, hence new requirement didn’t match my existing data. I found that error can be solved by WordPress SEO breadcrumbs link to blog post. And I got the below code which I added to function.php file of my theme and now I don’t have any error on structured data testing tool result.

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Add Below code to function.php file in WordPress theme folder. Be careful while modifying function.php file, as any incorrect rule might bring your site down. So take a backup before changing any rules or code in function.php.

Credit: WordPress Forum.

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Note and Conclusion:

I don’t know whether Google still do consider adding link to same page in breadcrumbs. But I tested structure data after removing clickable links from breadcrumbs and this time I had no error related.

If you are still receiving error related to breadcrumbs, I would recommend to add above snippet code into function.php.

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