How do I write and update blog articles every year ? Planned

write and update blog articles
Unlike traditional way of writing complete new article and then publishing. I am trying new way to write and update blog articles on SGB.

Blogging strategy is very important for any new blogger. If you got great domain name and web hosting for blogging on best possible niche but don’t have a good strategy to write and maintain the blog then all your work would useless. Hence before creating new blog, plan how to maintain and keep your blog running.

When thought of starting SmartGeekblog, I made a determination about writing at-least one article without fail. That means in end of a month I will have 30 new articles which is pretty good count for single blog author. But a sudden thought came in my mind that if I create new article everyday then I won’t be getting time to update blog articles which are already existing with latest information(I only spend 2 hours a day in blogging).

So I came with a new thought of writing and updating the articles on regular basis. Instead of writing article everyday, I will miss one day writing in a week. This one day I will utilize to update existing blog articles, moderate comments and do webmaster analysis to improve search performance. As this is just an idea now, but I am expecting this idea would be great for my blog in keeping articles updated with information which I had published in past.

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This are what I am expecting my self to do with full determination from now:

  1. Write 5-6 articles in a week without fail or any excuse.
  2. Keep one day in a week (mostly Saturday or Sunday) for update, moderate and analysis of SmartGeekBlog.
  3. Keep one week in a month (mostly last week of month) for development and experimenting new things with SmartGeekBlog (SGB).
  4. Keep one month in a year (mostly holiday season of year) for exploring other options than SmartGeekBlog.

If I started following these four important points, I am pretty much sure that SmartGeekBlog and I will be more energetic, enthusiastic and well updated.

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So keeping in mind the above four points, I would be publishing around 6 X 3 X 11 = ~200 updated blog articles per year which is indeed a very good count and of-course quality. :)

Note and Conclusion:

This is my blogging strategy that I will be following with full determination and dedication. If you have any other strategy you would suggest and recommend then please feel free to comment below.

If you found any article as in-complete or old information, please comment on the same article I would definitely need your inputs to keep SmartGeekBlog happening. Also please feel free to suggest me any more ideas to improve writing and updating articles on regular basis. I would love to here more from you in below comment box. Thank you Cheers !

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