Best WordPress Plugins for XML Sitemap generation

XML Sitemap for any blog or website is used for submitting in webmaster tools for search engine to know frequency of new page and updates.

Every new article or page that you have posted on blog or website must be submitted to search engines. If you don’t submit the new article for indexing then it will never appear in search result or it will take lot of time to get indexed. Hence, an XML file is used to submit the data of new article into Bing or Google Webmaster Tools. This file is known as XML Sitemap and it is different from HTML Sitemap page.

Generally, XML Sitemap file contains article data as URL, Priority, change frequency and last modified. Let get into details of this each attribute of XML sitemap file.

  • URL value of new article which was published in blog that will be crawled by Search engine crawler bots to index that particular page.
  • Priority is determined by you whether the submitted article is of high or low priority. Higher the percentage value, higher will be priority. In some plugins priority is also rated from 0.0 — 1.0 where 0 is considered as lowest and 1 as highest.
  • Change Frequency is also determined by you. It defines how quickly the article is being modified. It can be hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or even you can set always. This will tell the crawler-bots how often the particular article is being modified.
  • Last Modified is the time and date when the article was updated. This is useful for crawlers to know whether article is updated and ready of  re-crawling or not.
XML Sitemap page generated by WordPress SEO

XML Sitemap page generated by WordPress SEO

Now lets get into the detail of few best WordPress XML sitemap generator plugins.

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This is a independent plugin and most recommended by WordPress users for XML sitemap generator. It can be used for both Google and Bing Webmaster Tools submission. This plugin provide options to change Priority, Change Frequency based on type of article (Page, Post, Category, Tag and Custom type). It also provide the option to disable any post type that should not be included in XML Sitemap.

This is WordPress SEO plugin but built-in with many features. One of the feature is XML Sitemap generation. We are using this plugin for sitemap generation on MatruDEV. Like Google XML Sitemap it also provide option to include or exclude based on post type. One feature that we like about this plugin is ability to change the priority and frequency for individual post, category and different post type.

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WordPress SEO also as an exceptional feature of add Images to XML sitemap for indexing which is not avilable in Google XML sitemap.

More best plugins coming soon…

Note and Conclusion:

We have only liked these plugin till now. We will be updating best XML Sitemap generator list in future with more WordPress plugins.

Also make sure that you have added the HTML Sitemap page into you WordPress blog as it play equally important role when it comes to Search Engine Optimization technique. Even we have added SmartGeekBlog Sitemap page.

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