Yahoo Mail POP3 or IMAP and STMP server settings

Yahoo Mail Server Settings
Send or receive emails from Yahoo Mail server on mail client software on Laptop or Mobile. IMAP or POP3 and STMP mail server settings.

To receive or send emails from Yahoo Mail using any software or email client on desktop or mobile phone we need to add Yahoo Mail Server setting. These server setting will allow email client to interact with Yahoo mail server to perform actions.

For receiving emails from Yahoo mail, we can either use IMAP or POP3 server setting. I would recommended to use IMAP settings instead of POP3 as it is more secure and leave a copy of email in Yahoo Mail.

IMAP settings for Yahoo Mail server:

  1. Account Type: IMAP
  2. Incoming Mail Server:
  3. Port Number: 993
  4. Connection Type: SSL
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POP3 server setting for Yahoo Mail:

  1. Account Type: POP
  2. Incoming Mail Server:
  3. Port Number: 995
  4. Connection Type: SSL

Yahoo Mail SMTP server setting:

  1. Account Type: SMTP
  2. Outgoing Mail Server:
  3. Port Number: 587 or 465
  4. Connection Type: TLS
  5. Require Authentication: Yes

If you are setting Yahoo Mail for Microsoft Outlook 2013, then setup should look something like below screenshot.

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1. IMAP and SMTP server name:

POP and IMAP setting Yahoo Mail

POP and IMAP setting Yahoo Mail

2. IMAP and STMP Port Number and Connection type:

Advance Settings

Advance Settings

Read in details about these Microsoft Software setups for Yahoo Mail.

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Note and Conclusion:

With these setting, you will be able to successful add Yahoo Mail to any email client software. If you are facing any issue, then feel free to comment below for more support.

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