Settings for Yoast WordPress SEO for better search result

A complete configuration and setup guide for Yoast SEO (formerly WordPress SEO) which considered as best search engine optimization plugin.

Writing a great blog is like cooking a delicious food in restaurant but not making it Search Engine Optimized is like not serving it to customers. Google loves delicious content with full of information and adding images or videos is like adding extra ingredients to make it more tastier.

Does WordPress can be Search Engine Optimized? and get good rank?

Answer to this question is partiallyYES. But why partially? cause WordPress can be optimized for best to get index by search engines. But getting a good rank depends on the content your have writing and reputation your blog is building over the time.

In this article I will be focusing more on making WordPress Search Engine Optimized. In later articles, I will publish more about Google and other search engine ranking factor that are considered.

Which is best SEO plugin for WordPress?

There are lot of plugins available in WordPress plugin directory, but the best and most recommended is WordPress SEO by Yoast (renamed to Yoast SEO). Apart from Yoast SEO (WordPress SEO), All in One SEO is also considered to be best SEO plugin in market.

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But I will be using Yoast SEO plugin for BeingBlog as it is  most recommended and also I have enough knowledge about setting it up.

How to install Yoast SEO (WordPress SEO)?

Yoast SEO plugin is available in WordPress plugin directory and freely available. To download and install follow these steps:

  1. Go to Plugins tab and click on Add New.
  2. In search field, enter “Yoast SEO” and hit enter button.
  3. Click on Install button for Yoast SEO plugin.
  4. Click on Activate Plugin link.
  5. Yoast SEO has been install in WordPress blog.
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Whats next? Only install the plugin will make BeingBlog site SEO friendly? No, it wont. I have to setup complete WordPress SEO plugin to make sure that BeingBlog is Search Engine compatible for crawlers and indexing.

Lets start it step by set each module.


General setting has basic setup and configruation for WOrdPress SEO. It has four tabs under it, general, Your Info, Webmaster Tools, and Security.

  • General: This screen is useful for restoring default settings.
  • Your Info: Enter website name and alternate name of website and also company or person data.
WordPress SEO General

WordPress SEO General

  • Webmaster Tools: Enter data related to Webmaster tool, Alexa, Bing webmaster tools, and Yandex meta data for verification.
  • Security: Disable advance meta box for author and editor to make it difficult for them to change meta details.

Note: more sections will be added soon… 

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